The Dog Leash Ballet


07/21/2014 I forget last week. It’s like I blinked and it was over. I don’t think anything memorable happened, nor did we do anything memorable. Meet Mr. and Mrs. Boring. Actually, Bill worked on the kitchen every day last week and it’s getting there. I now have drawers, no drawer fronts yet, but soon.

Six drawers, 3 more to go


The boy dogs have been barking relentlessly at the vultures, again. They also do this very annoying loud yap whine bark gig when we come home or someone comes. I’m tired of the routine. I was yelling at them constantly, NO. NO. NO. STOP BARKING!! NO. NO. It didn’t work and I was sick of yelling. I got so mad at Highway when he was down in the yard barking because there was a vulture or two in the trees I picked up their bowl of water and threw it on him. He stopped immediately. Next time he barked at the birds I did it again. He stopped. I threw water on the 2 boy dogs about 4 or 5 times. Now they rarely bark at the birds. I don’t yell if they bark when there is someone coming; however I do not allow them to go berserk when someone comes or when Bill comes home. It is overboard and so not necessary. Highway starts and nips at Lucky who reluctantly chimes in and yaps. Luck has a real high pitched snappy bark, Highways is deep and gruff and Dooce, she just makes a grunt bark noise once or twice for effect.

It’s quiet around here during the day now. Before, if you were napping you were woken constantly by the dogs barking. Not that I nap, but I might want to.

On Wednesday evening a taxi came up our drive with the music blasting. I stood at the window, hands on my hips, waiting to see who and why this car was here. It turned around, backed up towards the house and turned the lights off. I was getting pissed; until I recognized Miguel and Rambo. They stopped by to say hello on their way to party in French Harbor. It was nice to see them, it’s been quiet here without workers on the premises.

Over the weekend I tore into some storage boxes and emptied and tried to find a place for stuff. Oh the things I found!! Aside from the lizards that are on the wall, another thing that reminds me of WA. is my Phinney pottery. These are my favorite pieces and the only pottery that made the trip to Roatan! The pieces were gifts when I left Williamsport in 1995 and moved to Washington.

Since I don’t drink coffee, I keep sugar in the bowl and tea bags in the pitcher.
Big fruit bowl and quiche/pie pan

I love this pottery, it makes me think of Cathy (O) Hurvitz and Kelly McGarvey. Love those girls.

I started cleaning out the kitchen downstairs, getting the pans and dishes out that will be for downstairs and moving more stuff upstairs, even though I don’t have room for it. What I need to do soon is move ALL of the remaining storage tubs into one room and do a final repack and list of everything. Despite the fact this is about the 8th time I’ve redone the tubs and made new spreadsheets, it still is a huge time saver. Considering there were 28 boxes and 26 tubs and I’m down to 10 tubs and 4 of those are full of scrap booking stuff, 3 are kitchen things and two are Christmas. Not bad. I’ve graduated from a junk drawer in WA. to a junk storage tub.

Damiana, a wonderful liquor made in Baja Mexico. One of my favorites but you can’t get it down here. Hint hint for anyone coming to visit..
Island, one coat of green stain
getting second coat
It has some turquoise in it
Bill rolls it on
It looks nice wet. Once sealed it will have a shine to it.
Still wet with coat # 2

On Saturday afternoon we worked really hard in the house. The sweat was cascading down my chest like a river, I could feel grit on my moist back. I felt like a crustacean, so we made drinks and headed down to John’s pool with rafts. We thought maybe John was sleeping so we were quiet, he wasn’t sleeping though and came out and chatted with us for awhile. He wishes we would use the pool more and I’m going to try to. It instantly lowers my body temperature. So nice..and his view is great and the foliage is just lovely around his pool. He sure does have a nice spot. Come September this neighborhood will get a lot more interesting..

Bill gave Dooce a bath on Saturday, man, did she ever stink! Now she smells nice and clean and I’m sure it will last for all of 5 days. She doesn’t seem to mind the bath, at least she doesn’t try to get away.

Initial soaking. Bill bathes them in the back of the truck so he doesn’t have to lean over. It’s much easier on the back and you can do a better job.
doing the other side
The wolf is bathed and set free
And why not? There are no traffic rules in Roatan, except you are to wear a helmet on a bike and 2 island men can’t be on a motorcycle together. The majority of the people do not wear helmets, if they do, they are a fashion accessory and are worn unfastened, high up on the head so your whole face is exposed. OR, it’s really an accessory and is carried on the handlebars. This means you have one but are too cool to wear it..So many times the driver will have a small child sitting in front of them, no helmet, barely able to hold on. I’ve seen 2 adults and 3 kids on one bike. One in front, baby in between and older kid behind mom. Crazy stuff..

I am still walking the dogs every morning. They are so funny they know my routine. They wait until I’ve eaten my breakfast then they sit at the door watching for me to pick up my sunglasses. Once they are in my hand, all 3 tear down to the back door. I hook the boys on leashes and Dooce is on the loose and we are off. First stop, my car tire. It has so much dog urine on it that it could win a contest. If there ever were a contest for most dog urine on a tire. Then it’s over to the electric meter. That’s right take a leak on the high energy costs we all endure on this island. (approx. $.50/KW including fuel adjustment) Then Dooce is down by John’s turn-around chasing all the lizards onto the other side of the fence. She trots down the driveway, sneering at the boys because she is loose and they are in my care. Or am I in theirs. The whole trip, coming and going, I am trying to remain untangled and upright.I keep  H and L separate, I have a leash in each hand, then they come up behind me on opposite sides of my body, quick, uncross leashes. Then H cuts in front and goes behind me, quick, spin around, keeping L untangled. Many times I trip on the sole of my Havaianas, it gets bent underneath from all the frolicking and cavorting I end up doing. I know I have to be careful with the boys because I don’t need to trip and fall on the drive, ours is so steep I’ll roll down to the main road. Hopefully that will not happen. I’ve thought about walking them bare footed but there are so many ants on the driveway and I do not want to step in fire ants, so flip flops it is..

Leash just coming over the shoulder..
H often gets the leash under one or two of his legs. Maybe it doesn’t bother him but it drives me crazy so I have to fix it. L rarely gets the leash under a leg but if he does, he does a little hop thing and is free again. John, did you teach Lucky boy that??

DSCF2150 DSCF2145 DSCF2142

The epitome of gracefulness, a pirouette here, a leap there.
Lucky is posing. He’s all like, someone is taking a picture of us and it’s not her. Yes, weird I know. Photos of me in MY BLOG. Who would have thought. Bill never takes pictures of me. Ever. He must have had a fever.


Bill had part of a tooth break off the other day. He made an appointment for yesterday afternoon, figuring he would need a crown. The dentist went to school in the states and practiced there for 10 years before coming to Roatan. He has a very good reputation on the island. Bill went in yesterday and came home with only a temporary crown. The dentist said if it’s not hurting lets do a crown. Since it takes some time to get the final crown they would have that much time to determine what he really needs. After Bill told me all of this he said he had to go back today @ 8:30. I asked what for. He said to fix the air compressor at the dentist office. Obviously the dentist mentioned he was having trouble with it and Mr. Fixit said he could take care of it for him.

Bill just put the third coat of stain on the counter tops. If that makes it a color we like we’ll go ahead and seal it and be done with the counter tops!!

Currently I am baking a recipe I found on Pinterest and modifying it my way. The first attempt at the brownie cups did not turn out well. Attempt #2 is in the oven. If I can get it to work I’ll post pics. Guaranteed to NOT be fat free..




By Ledfutt

Living on an island was a life long dream of mine. In 2012 I moved to Roatan and lived there for 4 months, went back to the US, packed up our belongings and sold our house. In Oct of 2013 we moved there permanently. Our house was completed in July of 2014 and we moved in. After 6+ years, I was ready to go back to the US. I made the move in Dec of 2019 and my husband came a year later. Here we are in Arizona, waiting for our island house to sell so we can sell this place and move on. I guess I'm more like a traveling mermaid.

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