I’m glistening

cjnWhew. It’s been busy these last few days. On Wednesday I met my friend Janice at the Oak Ridge Police station to see how it was coming, Mayor Dilbert was there as well.

Oak Ridge Police station

They built a separate building for the kitchen. It’s really nice, with screened in walls and a cooking area in the back. After looking the kitchen over we went to the Muni and met with the head of the municipal police about a town celebration on Sunday. They are having pinatas and games with prizes for the kids. I bought a lot of candy to help fill the pinatas. After the meeting we went to BJ’s Backyard and had a drink down on the waterfront. While at BJ’s we met my friend Yanni’s dad. Always some one you know there.

IMG_3490 IMG_3488 IMG_3487

The celebration is in Punta Gorda, which is further east a few miles. We’re going to try to swing by and see what’s going on. This is why we decided not to head to West Bay on Sunday, we needed to stay closer to home and try to make it to Punta Gorda.

Thursday we did some stuff around here, ran some errands and spent the afternoon in John’s pool. When we got down there we were talking to John and I realized that I had black stuff all over my hands. Not a clue what it was so I blamed it on Bill’s truck. John got me a paper towel and I wiped it off as best I could. I noticed I had it on my phone case too. Later when I got out of the pool we noticed my shoulders had black on them, the one worse than the other. WTH?? I figured out it was my swimsuit straps. I had them down when we got to the pool, put them up before I went in. Then noticed the black on my hands.

The suit was thrown away. All I can think of is the elastic turned to tar or rubber..

IMG_3524 IMG_3525

Yesterday we went on an adventure with our friends to a property called the Ridge Ranch.


Oh my, what a slice of paradise right there. Ridge Ranch is aptly named. This huge 2 part home sits on a ridge running right down to the sea. It’s on Calabash Bight. Stunning. Oh the things you could do with a property like that!! Anyhow, we kind of looked around at it, checked out some of the nooks and crannies. It’s got some quirky stuff inside! The view is spectacular. You can walk right down the path to the dock, jump in your boat, zip through the channel and go to Oak Ridge. Too cool. There was a sweet little puppy there too. Bonus!

I noticed when we were standing in the shade of this tree wondering what the hell it was, that my skin was glistening. I was sweating like a freaking banshee that just ate a bowl of hot peppers with Sriracha sauce on them. I shit you not. I probably drowned the mosquitoes that were nibbling on my flesh. I was shining. I don’t remember being that hot. We still never figured out what these were called but were told once they turn brown you can eat them.
Path to dock
puppy love
Calabash Bight
Funky wall trim
Best seat in the house. This is priceless!
Wall in the “tower” room
I’m in love with these chairs. Love love love!!

We explored a little more and then went back to Oak Ridge to BJ’s Backyard. We saw some people we knew, ran into Marcia and Dennis, who I always enjoy talking to and saw Mitch, the computer guy. We listened to the band for awhile, finished our drinks and headed back here.

On Saturday we had to run to Carniagro (like Agway and Cenex, but not really, well, maybe Roatan style) and then to the grocery store. It was another crazy hot day. The weather said it was 88 but that it felt like 99. So humid. Like my friend Liz said, “A stand still and melt kind of day.” I have been feeling sorry for the dogs, I think they’re bored and that makes me sad. I wanted to take them swimming but didn’t know where to go w/out people because Highway is an idiot. We thought we would try Parrot Tree. It’s close and there is a beach with no people. We got all 3 dogs in the backseat of the truck. That was fun. Dooce and Luck jumped right in, Highway, we have to lift up his back end.

Dooce is laying on the seat, the boys are standing on her.
When we got to the parking lot Highway went beserk. He cried very loudly getting out of the truck and was almost howling with joy. This makes me ask, do dogs remember? Does Highway remember me bringing him here when he was a puppy? I took him several times for a walk around the lagoon back in Feb of 2013. Today he was literally insane walking over the mangrove channel. Was it such a vivid and good memory for him, I mean, really. Did he actually remember??
Can you tell that he has a hip that doesn’t work?
I gave up on Lucky, he pulled out of his collar and ran off. I literally drug Dooce in the water. This dog has WEBBED FEET and I had to drag and push her in the water. She wanted to do it but is too damn stubborn. I finally got her to get wet and ended up soaked myself.
Highway likes to help
I was bound and determined to get Miss “most stubborn dog in the world” wet.
It was obvious to me that Dooce wanted to swim but she didn’t want me to know that. I finally got her to walk a little bit and then this comes flying at us! Highway doggie cannon balled us!


The ride home was smelly, 2 wet and 1 dry dog in the back seat.

We brought the dogs home, hosed them off, put on suits and went back down to the pool at John’s. I floated for quite awhile, it felt so good. It has been weirdly still. Down at the pool it was utter silence. No birds, no chickens, no dogs barking. Maybe it’s the heat and humidity but whatever it was the silence was awesome.

We have more guests arriving in March. My friends Cicily and Cheryl, from Williamsport are coming to visit. Cicily and I used to work together and hang out together a long time ago. I’m really looking forward to their visit, haven’t seen either of them since the 1990’s! Cheryl has a killer voice, I would love to take her to Karaoke or BJ’s and let her belt out some tunes!!

I also finally talked to my high school friend Richard. We were chatting on a regular basis but then he sold his house before the new one he is building was done so he has been hard to get in touch with. He’s planning to come down over the winter as it’s a less busy time and easier for him to travel. Winter here is not really “winter” just a slight bit cooler and wetter.

This morning, before 6:30 AfreakingM, a truck pulled in our driveway, right under the bedroom window. I WAS SLEEPING. HELLO??? The dogs were barking their heads off, Bill was outside talking to the men. It was loud, way too loud for the time of day that it was. I was pissed. To top it off, right before the truck came Emmy jumped from the bed onto my back. It was like, “OOPS, could you get up and feed me?” I shoved her away and rolled over and then the noise happened. It was some guys related to some other guy who owns some land somewhere and they were supposed to spray the weeds by the power lines. And they had a dog with them. Cue Highway and Lucky. Dooce doesn’t care. She has Minions to do her work. I was up. and grouchy.

Because there were guys here working w/ a dog Bill went with me for the morning walk with the dogs. It was over an hour later than I usually go and it was morbidly hot. WHY AM I NOT sweating off the inches? It’s not fair. I’m going to start to wear saran wrap dresses under my clothes so I get skinny.

Our friends Mr. A and Ms. B came over around 11 today and we were off to Havana Beach Club, AKA Palm Beach. It’s less than 10 minutes away. It’s a nice, wide, pretty beach but it’s not my favorite. There is a lot of grass in the water, I prefer a sandy bottom and the bugs there are ghastly! When I got out of the water I sprayed myself good because I was getting bitten while floating. It seemed like the insect repellent was an attractant, not a repellent. It wasn’t fun being lunch for kazillions of no-see-ums! They swarmed our heads while we were eating.

I saw someone kill an orange starfish today at the beach. They were carrying it out of the water, then they were dragging it along their side, half in, half out of the water. Do they not know this is ALIVE and doesn’t want to be water boarded? It sucks when people do this stupid shit. FYI: my camera was underwater when I took this.
Tiny snail convention




The gang
Man made island
The boyzzzzzzzzzzzz
Bill floating
Mr. A. on his yacht
Sirens returning from the sea
Teri B, your raft wanted to go w/ us, what could I say?

Tonight I was supposed to go to a big celebration in Punta Gorda but I had to take 2 Benadryl when I got home I was itching so badly. Now all I want to do is lay down and go to sleep.

Up and at ’em tomorrow morning. I have to meet a friend at Ace when they open because the bezel fell off of my watch in their pool and they are bringing it to me before they head back to Toronto; then I have to be at the Police Station @ noon to help get it set up before the head of Police and the General come to see it.

Last but not least, a photo of my Mom in the late 40’s. She was singing and acting, doing some modeling in NYC when this was taken. I posted it on FB for her 89th birthday. She just told me the other day she is the only living Laubach from Lock Haven. The rest of them have all passed on. We’re so lucky to still have her. She has some trouble hearing but other than that her memory is stellar!! Happy Birthday Mom! 8/1/1925



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