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You can listen to the world’s most appropriate song for my life today here.

I have had several “off” days this past week, actually more off than on. My arm and neck are killing me, I’m trying to get ready for company, Lola is peeing all over the porch and I’m stressed about Frito. In my book, that’s enough to be stressed about and it’s causing me all kinds of neck, shoulder, arm and brain grief.

Galaxy Wave terminal
Poor little Frito

We were fortunate that the vet in Ceiba let us know Frito made it there OK and he was taking her to the clinic.


On Wednesday after we put Frito on the Galaxy Wave ferry I went to Umbul Umbul to see what new things Dian got in. I didn’t even make it past the entrance before I picked up a wooden carrier for downstairs and many other things in the hour I was there. Damn, I LOVE that store.

This carrier was right inside the front door, I had to have it, along with the turtle bedspread.
Another basket to match 1 I already have

After I left there I went to Serrano’s in search of a tension curtain rod for the bodega (i.e. Bills area.) Think concrete walls and that will explain the tension rod, I can hang it myself., no hammer drills needed. Then I had a Physiotherapy appointment. After he worked on me I was in more pain than when I got there. He taped me and sent me home.

Thursday Bill worked at our house with a few guys from Canada making 6 huge whiteboards for the school in Camp Bay.


Hopefully the teacher won’t glue stuff to these like she did the walls.

Brian’s wife Addy and her friend Nancy were doing the shoe drive. I should have been too but I lost my motivation when Frito happened. In one week 5306 pair of shoes were delivered and fitted. I worked hard the 2 days I did it and they were well covered with enough volunteers from the mainland the rest of the week. Although I still feel like a slacker. I try to remind myself, I can’t do it all.

The 6 of us had planned to go out to eat that night. I was going to pick up Addy and Nancy in French Harbor. Turns out I had to go to Coxen Hole to get them. We finally met up at a school by the cruise ship dock, I picked them up and turned around and headed back here. The ladies washed up and we took 2 cars to Cal’s. The dinner was fabulous as always, never been disappointed in the food or the atmosphere there. They were getting a taxi back to West End because it is a 45 minute drive ONE WAY for us.

Friday and Saturday we had Alexi here working with us again. He did the window tracks, cleaned the screens, fans, door mats and a variety of other things. I got a lot done upstairs and the downstairs is coming together quite nicely. Bill needs to spend a half day organizing the inside bodega so he can get the rest of the tools out of the house and I can get my cleaning gal to come in and work her magic.

Saturday morning found Nancy and I back at Umbul Umbul. If only my car didn’t drive there like it was on auto-pilot I wouldn’t shop so much.

These will be a bedspread, they match even though they don’t look like they do.

We shopped for another hour and I found some more awesome stuff for downstairs and a cool caftan for me. On the way home we stopped back at our house, I threw on my swim suit, dropped Nancy and her funky coffee table sized fish off at her house and I went out to Llyn’s in Punta Blanca.

Llyn and I had a glass of wine and sat by the pool, on the porch and in the pool and chatted for a few hours. I got to see how Wendy and Andrew’s home is coming along and oh my gawd, it’s going to be fabulous!

Isn’t it awful to have a view like this??
View from Wendy’s deck

By the time I got home I was ready for a nap. Sun and wine do that to me. If I remember correctly we had chips and home made salsa for dinner. Sunday we broke down and went to the grocery store. It was a gorgeous day with a nice breeze. Once I got the groceries put away I went out and laid on the lounge chair in the sun. All 3 dogs were with me, either under the chair or standing on it biting my pony tail. One guess who that was. We got stuff to make dinner but it was too late and the chicken was still frozen so we had crack and cheese out of a box. No Olivia, not the powdered cheese, the squeeze cheese, imposter crack and cheese.

On Monday Frito came home, she was on the 6 PM ferry. I was a little beside myself waiting to go pick her up, so much so that I didn’t get dressed until 4:21 PM. If you asked me what I did that day I couldn’t tell you besides wash and dry all the dishes and clean out the bottom of the pantry. Other than that, a big fat NADA!

We left way too early to pick her up. The ferry terminal was empty but by the time I saw the boat making it’s way to the dock the place was swarming. I started crying when I saw the boat, all I could think about was what poor Frito has been through in the last few weeks.

Here comes Frito

It was a tough life for sure and she is a fighter. They started unloading suitcases and cargo immediately so we went out to the cargo dock. Bill stood in what was supposed to be a line but was more like a quagmire of people pushing their way to the front. I stood at the entrance where they brought out the cargo and waited. And waited. They brought out 2 dogs in wire kennels but no Frito. I was starting to get panicky when Bill said he saw her crate. They pushed her out on a cart and I could see her little ears sticking up and that only made me cry more. Finally they brought her over, I signed the papers and we were on our way. I just wanted to hold her and kiss the poor pup. We came right home and brought her upstairs. I gave her yogurt while I was heating up some chicken and rice for her. During that short time she got up and ate the cat food. Emmy was pissed, she doesn’t share well.

This is the Hi-Tech tag that was on her crate.
This was taped to her collar, best translation is cut off the leg.
First photo once we got her home
She loves Emmys’ water fountain and her food

Frito slept in her comfy pillow lined crate in our bedroom. She didn’t make a sound all night. I gave her the antibiotics wrapped in pepperoni and she never knew there was a pill inside. I brought Lola in but Frito growled at her and Lola split. She’s not much for doing anything unless Highway is with her. Bill carried Frito outside to go potty and she did soon as she got on the grass. She is so much more trained than Lola..

Tuesday I had Bill put her crate on the covered carport. It was a gorgeous day with a nice strong breeze and I thought it would be good for her to be outside and smell all the smells around her. I sat outside with her most of the day, we walked around often. While she was resting I kept rubbing her belly and loving on her. When she sees us or hears our voice her tail goes crazy. She ate 4 good meals yesterday and started getting up on her own and walking around. Last night when Bill got home we changed her bandage. I am amazed at how good her incision looks.

Using the desk for the school as our bandage changing table

It’s nice and clean, no redness or swelling, Doc did a great job on her. I’ve been messaging the vets who I volunteered with here at the vet clinic with any questions I have about Frito and they have been fabulous responding.

She has an insatiable appetite, I imagine starving for awhile will do that to you.
Pet me, rub my belly, kiss my nose
She loves to eat. This was dog food and mac and cheese.

The group that I volunteered with is called Helping Paws Across Borders.  They are a legitimate 501C. They treated 597 animals while they were here. That is 597 animals that would not have had health care had the vets not been in town. They also brought toys, coloring books, crayons and shoes for many kids. If you are interested in helping fund their next trip here in July, you can do it easily and securely here. I look forward to working with this group again. Remember, what they do is all voluntary. They pay their own way here and work for free in less than perfect conditions and they do it with a huge smile on their face because they LOVE what they do.

Once again the link to their site is:

I am volunteering at Cattleya again today for an Easter art project and then working as a greeter at the airport on Saturday. With the time change flights arrive earlier so we have to be there by 10, work until after 4 PM. There is a huge music festival on Saturday that once again we won’t be going to. After standing for 6 hours straight my feet will be soaking in Epsom Salts again shortly after I get home. Plus there is Frito to look after.

I’ll leave you with this fabulous photo taken by my friends daughter, Emily Power. Emily, her husband and 4 gorgeous kids live in California and their neighbor has peacocks. One of them, Joe, regularly walks in their house (door is always open) and wanders around. I don’t know if this photo is of Joe’s glorious plumage or another peacock but it is quite spectacular!! Thanks Emily!



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