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10/31/2016 This rain is getting tiring, I feel bad for the dogs being cooped up inside because of the torrential downpours. Actually I’m feeling bad being cooped up myself but the weather has nothing to do with my interment.

I woke this morning to a tropical monsoon outside and 5 dogs anxiously waiting for the Momma to get up. Maybe they thought my mystical powers would make the outside more to their liking but alas, it was not to be. The rain has been non-stop the majority of the month, raining almost daily, at night or late afternoon, which is cool. Recently, however it just flipping rains and rains and hard rain too, not any little Seattle like drizzle that people still mow their lawns in. Oh no, this is stay in and stay dry. The roads become like black ice during the rainy season due to all the malfunctioning, poorly maintained vehicles. They leak oil all over the road and as we all know, oil and water don’t mix. Not one bit. I normally drive rather swiftly but when it’s raining, not so much.

That being said, I have not driven since October 6th. I have been out of the house 2 times since then, only to see the doctor. My new physical therapist came to the house on Friday, super nice guy. He was trained in the US and he and his girlfriend will soon be moving down this way on the rock. Mario talked to me about my injury and pointed out the ugly bruises on the bottom of my foot (I didn’t even know it was still bruised). He suggested I wear sneakers because, as we all know and hate to admit, flip flops do $hit for your feet. I have new sneakers, I have worn them once in 5 years and I hated every step I took down and back up the driveway with the dogs when I wore them the one time. I have been trying to wear them around the house if I’m cleaning up the kitchen or on my feet for longer than 15 seconds, but they hurt. They hurt too much to even wear for a short period of time and I’m thinking if they hurt that is not good. I’ve also been doing the exercises Mario gave me and can do one pain free but after I do the other one I’m hurting for certain. I posted a photo of the bottom of my foot on FB just because I didn’t want people to think I’m a sissy and a whiner and my sister-in-law who was a radiology tech for a long time thinks they missed something and that there is a break. I guess I’ll be going back for another x-ray this week.

Colorful and painful

I realized I had another alien growing out of my ankle hole so I decided to extricate the thing the other day. After yanking and pulling, something that appeared to be rubber band like was holding the alien in my ankle. With enough pulling and twisting I was able to get it off. Now my ankle is painful to the touch, can’t let it lay on that side on the sheets or anything. Damn, this leg has to go.

The alien begins to emerge
This is what comes out of the hole, it’s a hard callus stringy like thing.

I can’t let the alien alone because it hurts like hell if I bump it or the dogs run into it. It feels like it sticks out of my ankle a good foot and is just waiting for contact with something to remind me it is there. So much for any sense of normalcy on this blog. Sorry.

We went to the docs on Tuesday to see what he had to say about my ankle and it was no walking for 10 more days without a crutch and to start Physical Therapy. This is the mess we came home to, Barrio had managed to find my calendars and chew them up plus he got on the table where I set the trash can to keep it out of his way and he emptied  it all over the floor, shredded.

Part of the mess and yes, all the furniture is covered because, dog hair lives here.

He got smacked with the calendar and yelled at and he ran and hid alongside the refrigerator for an hour at least. I had to baby and kiss and love him to get him to come out of hiding. First time he ever got in trouble and it didn’t go over well with him at all.

Sitting here in the house looking at things has my mind going a million miles a minute. I see all the things that need done but that I can’t do, at least right now. I had Bill take all 4 of the orange ceiling lights down and I scrubbed them and he sanded the metal poles holding them together, repainted them and rehung them, big difference. Now I want  to clean out the closet and re-do the shelving, I want a bi-fold door on it, pronto. I’ll have Carla come and clean it, I heard she makes it look like a store. We have had so much rain that the closet/laundry room floor was soaked the other night. We assumed the rain came in the (closed?) window. Bill mopped the floor then turned the ceiling fan on to dry it out in there and water flew out of the fan as the blades circulated. OOPS. Not supposed to happen like that. It had rained so hard water got in the conduits on the roof and down into the fan. That was fixed yesterday. I also let the bomb drop that I want to repaint the upstairs, the blue is really getting on my nerves. I already know what color I want, it’s finding the time to prep the walls and do it, and we have company coming in 3 weeks.

Martha Stewart, I mean Marilyn and Carmen came over last Thursday and brought a lunch feast and a sewing machine. Martha made a cover for my dog torn futon so Robby and Julie will have a decent couch to sit on while here (when they’re not upstairs hanging out with us). After that was done we came upstairs and had lunch and just hung out for awhile, so nice of them to stop by and visit. Miss hanging out with everyone.

We were going to a get together at Carmen and Brett’s Sunday but I felt pretty crappy all day Saturday and didn’t eat much. Bill made spiralized french fries for dinner (I know, not your normal meal) and they were so good and I ate so many I was dutifully ill on Sunday. We stayed home and between naps I prepped some food and Bill made 2 loaves of zucchini bread and a big pot of carrot soup. It tasted so good.

I just got off the phone with my folks. They finally seem to be adjusting to life in the new place, at least I think they are. They have stopped complaining all the time to me about it so that’s a positive sign. My sister sent me these pics of them a few weeks ago. It looks like the grocery store Olympics, note Dad has beer and plenty of it on his cart. I’m a chip off the old block.


This is outside their apartment door. They look pretty damn good for 95 and 90!

I am still fighting the never ending skin battle with Gringo, and I am not winning this at all. I have removed all grains, all vegetables that are hi- glycemic, no peanut butter, no bananas no pumpkin oatmeal balls. Instead he is getting scrambled eggs, yogurt, spinach and tuna for breakfast and Kirkland dry food, no grains but brown rice with zucchini, spinach and lentils in it for dinner. He is on medication for what I have diagnosed him with: Malassezia Pachydermatitis. I am not a vet and there is not a vet on the island that can check him for an auto immune disease which I believe he has. When Pro Vets come I am having his thyroid checked (they nor the other vets on the mainland do auto immune issues) but that’s not until Thanksgiving, and on Wed. he is going to Doc for an erlichia test. He is bathed every other day (weather permitting) with 2 different shampoos and a friend just brought me some Lime Sulfur dip for him. That has to be done outside because it stains and we have glass tiles in our shower. The rain hasn’t let up enough to use it. He’s not sick, eating well, playing, happy, loving, he just scratches and digs and claws at himself constantly. With 5 dogs, it is always something.

As I sit here the sky is rumbling with thunder and the winds have picked up a little bit, think we have more storms coming. For the first time today I can actually see both shores so something is changing quickly. I’m ready for some sunshine and pool time.

Happy Halloween everyone, we’ll be home today and tonight I am watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show and maybe I’ll even do a little Time Warp too.

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