Yucky sucky Kentucky


11/03/2021  Kentucky has me questioning why. Why Kentucky? Why Burkesville? Why 31 acres? I can question it until the cows come home and it’s not going to change.

The weather has been dreadful. It’s worse than Washington weather. It rained so much for 3 days straight I didn’t even want to get out of bed. But I did, and as soon as the rain stopped I grabbed the dogs and we went for their morning walk. Wasn’t it me who was looking forward to having all of this property SO I WOULDN’T HAVE TO WALK THE DOGS??? Who am I? Every morning, walking down the driveway with the mist rising off the blades of grass and masses of prickly bushes, I feel like I’m taking the walk of shame. Then there are the 16 muddy paws that I wash a minimum of twice a day, if it’s muddy. I broke down and bought a paw washer. I really didn’t think it would work but it really does once I figured it out. The boys are so good, they stand in line and wait for their turn. Once washed, I dry their paws and put them in Walt.

I fill it with warm water because it’s been so dang cold here.

We went a whole month waiting for Aaron to come back and finish the shop. Finally this Tuesday he came back and today, Friday, the shop is done. Bill has to put the overhead garage door up yet and then add lights and some heat in there. I think we’ll move Walt down there and hook into our new septic, that way we’ll be close to the garage and the washer/dryer and the big fridge. Plus, the boys will have their chairs. We’ll see, right now it’s so dirty in there I really don’t want the dogs laying down on that floor.

The front of the shop. Bill has the overhead garage door just about up. There is also a walk-in door on the right.

The boys are really loving their beds from Chewy. These are a much better idea than a bed with a cover and foam inside of it. We had some made on Roatan with removable covers and it seemed every week I was vacuuming them and then washing and drying the covers. Then there was the struggle of fitting the foam back in the cover.

We’re either the epitome of Sanford and Son or the Beverly Hillbillies, not sure which.
Gringo in front, Barrio in the back.

It seems this blog has become a dog blog. I apologize and promise that will change when something worth writing about happens.

I took a trip to Glasgow KY again and stopped at some antique stores. I’ve decided I want to collect vintage colored glass goblets, vases or bowls. I stopped first at a place called Shabby Chic. I got Bill a great wooden stool, it’s old and painted but super sturdy and I found a few glass pieces there to start my collection.

This was in Shabby Chic. I have no idea WTH this guy is doing.
He’s certainly not rowing.
And she looks like Megan Fox. So weird.

A little further in town I found another place and bought a LOT of pieces there. I also found some on Etsy and ordered them. This week I went back to Glasgow again and bought 7 more. I’m like an addict, I can’t stop.

I’m loving the different colors. I have a shelf in the kitchen by the window and a glass door that will get a lot of light. That’s where my mind envisions them.
These are from my second trip to Glasgow.
I bought these at a huge antique mall in Somerset. I could have spent hours in there. I think I’m done buying these for now.

The only thing I take photos of anymore is our property when I am walking the boys. We usually leave the house around 8:15 or as soon as the fog lifts or the rain stops. We’re gone for 35-45 min every morning.

This is their favorite spot, lots of deer POOP. Dessert, yums. I asked the vet if it was bad for them to eat and he said no. Good thing because I can NOT stop them. It’s everywhere. Those deer need some Immodium.
The pond. Bill cleared a path down to it so we go there every morning then cut through the field to go home.
Reminds me of the movie Werewolf in London.
This pic was taken on the hill of the field I walk the boys to daily.
Beautiful cold mornings
Highway thinks this is a tennis ball. It’s really an inedible Osage orange.
The long road home.
Searching for dessert.

On Monday, after the rainy weekend, I walked the boys in the field like we do every day. Later in the afternoon, the sun came out so I took them to the field up the hill by Walt. We have taken them up there one other time before. There is a power line that runs through there, otherwise, it’s really beautiful, with great views. It’s a good hike up there, steep uphill. It was slippery from all the rain.

This looks down on our neighbor’s home.
Such a pretty field, there are a lot of ferns growing up here. I think I’ll dig some up for around the house.
Nice and green and feathery. I’ll see what they look like in another month before I dig some up in the spring.
On one side the steep hill goes down to our field, the other side goes down to the main road.
View of Walt from the bottom of the hill where I walked the boys.

On Tuesday morning I decided I would walk them up to the powerline hill, then, we would walk to the other place where we usually go. We were all on top of the hill, they were sniffing around, Gringo caught the scent of something and took off running down the steep hill. Highway Barrio and Max followed. I started yelling for them and was trying to climb down the bank to see where they went but I couldn’t see them. After yelling for a few minutes Highway, Barrio and Gringo came back. No Max. Max ALWAYS comes when I call him. He didn’t this time. I freaked and called Bill. He said, “Oh shit, a coyote just ran through the field from up that way.” I was screaming (probably like a banshee) for Max, nothing. I took the other 3 down to Walt and put them in their crates and hiked back up the hill. Bill was walking through the field and climbing up the hill. No Max. By now I was in full panic mode. I went down that steep mountain screaming for Max, no Max, no barks, nothing. Bill hiked up the side of the mountain and came back down, still no sign of Max. I called our neighbor and told him, he got on his ATV and went looking. I got in the car and drove up and down the main road. No Max. I came back to the RV, got Gringo and we hiked up the mountain again. We kind of traversed it, it’s so steep and there are way too many trees, it’s hard to walk. There are downed trees, briars and thick brush. I fell once on my butt on the side of the hill. At this point Bill was in the car again looking on the main road. Gringo and I made it down the hill, coming out of the woods I was so exhausted I could barely lift my feet, I tripped and fell flat on my face. Gringo was freaked out and came over and was nosing at me and barking. Once I got up, we followed the woods alongside the field. We were almost back to the RV when I saw fur by the RV. Then Gringo took off running to Walt. MAX WAS BACK!! I called Bill right away. Max was gone over 1 and 1/2 hours. He’s never done that before. He wasn’t hurt, wasn’t covered with briars, no clue where he was. I washed his feet and put him inside, cleaned the other 3 dogs’ feet and we all went inside and snuggled on the bed. Max kind of flopped on me, like he was saying, I’m so glad I found you. Bill and I were on the verge of a breakdown. Having something happen to Max would be more than I could bear. If he could only talk.

Saturday was a special day for me. Two friends I have not seen since High School came to visit us. Sandra still lives in PA and Charlie is 90 min south of us in Tennesee, Sandra is visiting with him for a few weeks. So, so happy they came to see us. Sandra gave us 2 jars of canned whole tomatoes and Charlie brought Bill an industrial fire extinguisher for the shop. That was an awesome idea, it’s nice to have but we hope we never need it.

Charlie, Sandra and me. (Max and Barrio too)

I’m pretty sure I jinxed the possibility of being in the house by Christmas because I bought Christmas tree ornaments. I know it’s my fault but even if I sent them back, the bad juju is already here.

I drove to Somerset on Tuesday looking for furniture for the house. I follow so many people on Instagram who are interior designers and they have ALL commented that the wait period for furniture is MONTHS. I thought I better get shopping. I went to the Ashley furniture store and saw a few things I really liked until the saleslady said 4-6 MONTHS. Are you kidding me? I was headed to TJ Maxx after that and saw a Kemper furniture store. I rerouted, totally upsetting the voice on my GPS. This store had some gorgeous furniture. I found a leather La-z-boy reclining couch and a counter-height dining table with 4 stools. I got 2 more stools for the island in the kitchen so if needed they can be pulled up to the table.

This is a charcoal gray sofa.
I’ve never had a round table before.

Yesterday I was thinking about a buffet/server and that I still need one of them. I noticed in the photo of the table that there was one behind the table. I messaged Shelley at the store and she said yes, she did have one.

This is great because it will pull the kitchen, dining room and living room together.

I told her to add it to my furniture. And get this, they can deliver it ALL next week. Why can I get this sooner than the Ashley furniture? Because it is MADE IN AMERICA. Nothing makes me happier than buying things made in the USA. We are having them hold it for a month or so rather than have it sit in the shop.

Now we just need 3 beds, nightstands and dressers for the bedrooms and we’ll be all set. I think I am going with platform beds so we don’t need to buy box springs. I’ve found a few on Amazon and may order them.

This blog program is giving me fits, I can’t upload photos, I keep getting this error message:

Post-processing of the image failed likely because the server is busy or does not have enough resources. Uploading a smaller image may help. Suggested maximum size is 2500 pixels.

I tried uploading small pics, resizing them all and still, it won’t work. This morning I tried and was able to upload 5 photos, figure that I’m on a roll and am going to close this down and post it while I still can.

I’m going to take the boys back outside for a while before the damn rain starts again. Gorgeous sunny and windy right now.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.

(I really don’t hate Kentucky, I just get so frustrated when it rains and everything is mud and the dogs & I are stuck in this stupid RV. It will all be better once we have a house and a yard.)

P.S. I left the US on Nov 3, 2012, before the time changed, came back in March 2013 and left again Oct 2013. We lived on Roatan for 6 years (Bill for 7) then moved to Az. Roatan and Arizona do NOT change the clocks so this change totally sucks.

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