To pool or not to pool.


06/28/2022 I really can’t believe that in 2 months, we will have been Kentuckians for a year. How? Why do I feel like we just got here yet when I really think about it, I get visions (more like nightmares) of Walt and the never-ending story. Time flies, especially when you wonder what in the heck you’re doing in Kentucky. 

We’re slowly making this place look like a home, nothing is easy OR CHEAP. I would need a full-time job to be able to buy flowers like I used to, back when they were reasonably priced. It’s ridiculous now. Then there is our soil. We had 20 loads brought in. I was told (liar liar) that it was good soil. It’s not, it’s hard pack clay. We added 3 huge bags of peat moss and a dozen bags of compost and manure. It’s still nasty. Bill hooked up a sprinkler system immediately because he knew he wouldn’t want to listen to me whine and moan because I had to drag the hose to water. It’s not the watering I mind, it’s dragging the hose. I hate doing that. I can stand out there mindlessly for hours and water, but don’t expect me to drag the damn hose too. We planted along the front of the house and between the house and the driveway. That’s it so far, there’s always next year, I need to see if everything dies before the end of summer to help me decide how to proceed.

I planted a ton of Coleus, knowing full well they are an annual, it was late to be planting and I wanted instant gratification.
We were trying to get the mulch off the trailer and it was windy as hell. Bill spent most of his time fighting with the tarp. It didn’t help that he had it tucked under something and I thought it was caught and moved it. Really windy.
See, all pretty colors.
My seat. Bill went all out on this.
We need more mulch. We also need to plant at the back of the shop, the building in the back. I’ve decided we’ll plant hydrangeas there but not until next spring. Have to fix that soil first.
I have Hostas, Yarrow, Coleus, Lemon Thyme, some Phlox that is almost dead and the sedums.
I ordered 2 flats of this from Lowe’s, it’s gorgeous. I’m afraid it’s getting too much water. May need a plan B. I don’t have a plan B. I broke these into smaller sections and planted.
The start of the drip irrigation.
We got this raised bed online and we planted it the way they do for Hugelkutur. What it consists of is layers of materials that will decompose, instead of pouring a ton of soil in it. There is cardboard, tree branches, small logs, paper, straw, peat moss and dirt. Most of the stuff is growing well, except Cilantro. It hates me. I consistently try to grow it and it ALWAYS DIES. This has gone on for years, you’d think I would give up.

Before any of this garden stuff happened we got company! It was fabulous. My sweet friend Andee, who lives in Tennesee, {she’s one of the attractions for us moving to the KY, TN area} and her sons came for a few days. Andee and her husband are also the people who came and brought food and bone broth and leaf lettuce when Bill was in the hospital. We have not seen the boys since 2013, Bill hasn’t seen Andee since then either. It was so nice to have them visit. Let me say, she and Joel have the nicest, most well-mannered handsome young men (12 & almost 17) I’ve ever met. The guys were so much fun to be around, easy-going, and great with the dogs, they even cleaned up after our meals. Impressed….

Andee and I worked together at Bank of America and if you ask her she will tell you I deserted her. Looking back, I’m really surprised BoA allowed us together in the same building. We were loud and constantly laughing about something. She made going to work fun.

Anyhow, they arrived on a Tuesday morning. We took the dogs for their morning walk after they arrived so they could see the property. They’re big outdoors fans too, especially the boys, plus they love dogs. 

Andee and me. Love you Andee.
Some Highway love. You could pet that dog 24/7 and he would be happy.
Bill and the boys made this thing for the dogs to climb on. They all get on it, they also sleep in the shade under it.
When we lived in WA, Bill had a dump truck. In 2013, the boys were visiting us and Bill took them for a ride in the dump truck. He let Axel drive it and he ran over a tree. As soon as they came up our current driveway and saw the truck, they both said, THEY HAVE A DUMP TRUCK. We don’t really, it’s Aaron’s, been here for a month, wish he would come and get it.
We had S’mores one night. Andee’s husband told me earlier about an app called Merlin by Cornell Labs. It listens via your phone and identifies the birds that are singing in your area. We have a lot of Barred Owls close to the house, some evenings we can hear 3 different ones talking. It was at dusk on the S’more evening, the dogs were chilling with us outside and Andee happened to notice a Barred Owl sitting in the tree above us, watching. Well, we’re pretty sure that was the kind of owl it was. It was a good-sized bird, it soon flew off. Bill sees them swooping the fields too.
When the boys were visiting in 2013, Bill made them “swords” out of bamboo. It didn’t take long for Axel to find a weapon.
This kid is his Mother to a T but he looks like his Dad.
Salad and homemade Pizza (done professionally by Mason) for dinner.
Mason placing the toppings on the pizza, it was done meticulously and methodically.
We had an abundance of food.
Mmmm, it was soo good.
Bill and the guys did some shooting at targets in the backyard. A few days after they left, Bill mortally wounded a groundhog.

It was a lot of fun having them come to see us, we enjoyed their visit very much and anxiously anticipate the next. 

We have several Killdeer birds here. One in particular laid her eggs in a small nest right alongside the driveway. NOT A GOOD SPOT. I walk down the driveway several times a day with the dogs and mama bird goes batshit crazy. She runs around with her wing sticking out, pretending she has a broken wing to get us away from her nest. She squawks like a banshee too. We don’t go near her eggs but it’s right alongside the driveway. I was afraid UPS ran over it today. He didn’t. Very strange behavior but I applaud her for her creativeness. There are now 4 eggs.

We are still walking the boys in the morning. Many times early because it’s been so blasted hot. We’ve noticed a variety of different critter poop and a ton of wildflowers. I also just realized we have a Mulberry tree, I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a Mulberry, but I will soon.

I read that they turn black when ripe.

Bill has been busy mowing and burning up expensive diesel fuel in an effort to keep the grasses low. There are fewer ticks that way.

Eating grass or poop. Max was eating so much grass that a poop got stuck in his butt. I had to help extricate it. I stopped feeding them sweet potatoes and they seem to not have so many poop issues. Sorry, TMI.
So pretty up in the fields. The boys scared a flock of turkeys the other day. Three came back when called but Highway did a drop and roll in some juicy turkey droppings. Bill took him back to the house and scrubbed his neck. I think he was ready to wring it too.
So nice when it’s mowed. Bill cuts paths in it for me to walk the dogs.

We (I) finally decided on an above-ground pool, it came last week. It’s 20′ around and 4′ deep. Plenty big to get wet and float. Bill has been working in the blazing sun to get the ground leveled. It took 2 trailers full of sand and a lot of compacting. On the day of the pool delivery, the driver called when he was close and Bill drove down to the end of the driveway with the tractor, loaded the pool on it, and brought it up here. 

Almost to the bend in the drive.
That’s a big box!
Delivered to the yard. The truck was a tractor-trailer, there’s no place for him to turn around up here.

We set the pool up on Saturday, it wasn’t hard, just time-consuming. Instructions said it would take 60 minutes. I’m not sure who was able to do it in an hour but they are superhuman. 

We put it in the front yard, much nicer view there and it doesn’t ruin our view from the house. Next is a deck around the pool, a yard and a fence to keep critters out.

When we started filling the pool, I was inside the pool and Bill was outside. He asked what the lump was behind me. I turned around and noticed it was a chunk of wood, maybe 3-4″ square, UNDER the pool. I had to get out of the pool, he lifted it up and I crawled under the pool to get the chunk of wood out. Fun times. 

We started putting water in it and I got in to try and get the wrinkles out. I HAD to lay down, it felt so good.
The rains came later the day we put the pool up. The rain was very welcome, the MUD, not so much.
We have been gorging on fruit. The boys and I are addicted to blueberries and raspberries. Unfortunately, they can’t have grapes, but they’ve all been getting chopped watermelon on top of their dinners.

I’m still driving out of town for groceries every few weeks. On Friday I was parked near a cart return and as I was finished and getting in my car, I noticed something on the ground by the trash can. I leaned over and picked one up, there were 2. They are heavy and rather steam-punkish. I looked all around, there was not another car near me, nobody around. Since they were by the trash can, I figured, finders keepers. I love them. 

The other side is solid gray.

We have pseudo WiFi currently. Bill found this thing that gives you a limited supply of data so I can use my laptop and not tether it to my phone for a signal. He’s currently watching something on the TV, which we couldn’t do prior to this gadget, unless it was a DVD. Things are looking up. We’re still waiting for Elon Musk to make Starlink available in this area. I sure hope it’s soon. 

And last but not least, my friend Kyle who lives on Roatan sent me a message the other day that said “you’ve got mail.” At the Roatan Post Office.  

Yep, my name is #11. This is how they let you know you have mail, someone writes all the names down, always in excellent handwriting. Then they photograph it and put it on FB. I’m almost positive it’s about my expiring car warranty.

Thanks for reading and Happy almost 4th of July! 








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