Meet me in the sunroom.

02/16/2023 I started this blog on Thursday, it was a dark dreary day. It started raining this morning when we were walking the dogs and it started raining again a little while ago when I tried to take them for another walk. The weather said potential heavy storms with a tornado watch. Lovely. It was 72 degrees yesterday with just a hint of sun every so often. At least it’s not super cold.

Bill started painting the inside of the house. Notice I didn’t say we started painting. The back entrance and the hallway are finished.

Looking towards the kitchen
This is the same green we used in AZ
This is the back entrance into the house, and the mudroom is behind on the right. Barrio lurking as always.
The mudroom at the back entrance.
The half bath in the mudroom.

Bill painted the mudroom teal and is working on the small half bath. In there we are doing beadboard on the bottom of the wall, it will be painted the same teal that we used in the mudroom. Bill hung peel-and-stick wallpaper on the top half of the wall. Once he got it papered, I decided I hated the mirror that was in there. Bill is trying to get the beadboard flat. It was so warped when we got it home, it can’t be hung like that. Hopefully, it will flatten so it can be painted and put up.

This is the mirror that was in the half bath. We painted the blue on it because it was brownish metal. I hate it.

While waiting for the beadboard to get flat he started painting the guest bedroom. It’s kind of a light denim blue, maybe we’ll do the guest bath too.

It’s not this dark, I just took the pic and it’s nighttime.

I was in Tennessee again on Wednesday. I was in search of a mirror and a few other things. I found the mirror at Home Goods.

This is the new mirror, so much better.

I put my blinders on in there because, OMG, HomeGoods has some amazing things but the prices are ridiculous. My friend Debbie and I decided to eat at the same Thai restaurant we ate at the last time. It’s so good.

I love the lights at House of Thai.

From there we went to a huge antique store and then headed to HomeGoods. Google maps took us back to Kentucky in a completely different way. It was a tiny bit shorter and we ended up in Celina, Tennesee. I was exhausted when I got home. I took the dogs for a walk and collapsed when we came back in. Shopping is hard.

The boys are doing well, Bill and I still miss Gringo, a lot. It’s not getting any easier, he was such a cool dude. Highway is still having issues with his chronic rhinitis, it’s so gross when he sneezes. We need to invent a shield for in front of his face. UGH.

Snot nose, snuffleupagus, it’s gross. I have a new area rug but I hesitate to put it down with Highway’s sinus erupting sporadically.
I think I spend more time on this driveway than I do anywhere else. Ever.

We finally got the indoor outdoor rug for the sunroom. What a huge difference that makes out there; we now would like to do the whole front porch. The furniture I ordered for the sunroom came, Bill is not enjoying putting it together. The reviews said it was very tedious. They were right.

Once Bill got the furniture put together I was so anxious to get a colorful rug for there. I ordered one on Amazon on Friday afternoon and it came the next day. It’s not the final rug, in fact, it will more than likely end up on the pool deck when I find something I really want for the sunroom.

Bill stuffed the foam into the covers and then I manipulated it so the seams were straight.
I really like it and the cushions are nice and comfy.
The rug makes it look nicer. There are 2 chairs, a couch and a table that can be used for storage.

My friend on the island, Yvonne, sends me stuff that she thinks will interest me. She just sent this photo.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones with our friend, Sterling Lucas. They have property on Roatan and Sterling must be helping them with something.

Bill and I walked the dogs up the sidehill a few weeks ago. We don’t go up there often because that’s where I had the boys when Max disappeared for 2 hours. On the way up there, I found this;

These are called Devil’s Urn, a type of fungi. They’re not poisonous and there are mixed reports on whether they are edible or not. I did not have the desire to try them.

The amount of land we have seems unbelievable. We owned 28 acres in Everson, WA and it didn’t seem like this much property.

The road on the right is our property line, our driveway begins right after the big red box. We own everything inside the white line except the red box and the 2 areas that have the red X. Below the bottom red X is a hill that is 4.67 acres, we would like to sell this, we’ll never use it. At the top of the photo, you can see where Bill has cut paths to walk the dogs. We try to keep them out of the weeds and tall grass because ticks and snakes live there. Our house is at the yellow pin and the shop is on the left of the driveway. This photo was taken before we got grass growing, put up a fence, 2 decks and a pool. This was raw land on Sept 1, 2021, there wasn’t even a road. It’s been a lot of work but Bill likes doing that stuff and I help when I can (or he makes me).

We are getting ready for company and we are so excited! Trace and his girlfriend Jackie are coming to visit. We can’t wait to see Trace and are extremely excited to meet Jackie. She’s a climber also, and pretty much a badass, a perfect match for Trace. They arrive on the 9th, hence the mini house reno going on.

It’s getting close to dinner time for the dogs, Max will be in here hitting me soon if I don’t have their bowls filled by 5. He’s quite demanding.

It’s going to be 77 degrees here on Tuesday, welcome spring!! Hope it’s warming up in your part of the world.

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