My husband and I both grew up in Pennsylvania, lived there our whole lives until my husband was offered a new position in the company he worked for. In 1995 we moved to Washington state with our 2 sons. They both went into the USAF after high school and we were empty nesters. After 18 years in Washington we sold everything we owned and moved to the island of Roatan Honduras. We built a beautiful home there and lived there full time for 7 years. Then we decided to move stateside again, settling temporarily in AZ. We didn’t like the heat or living somewhere with neighbors in AZ. After 18 months there we bought 30 acres in rural Kentucky. Sight unseen. We purchased an RV for the move with the 4 dogs, and arrived in KY September 1. We lived in the RV way too long until our house was finished.

Finally, 7 months later, we’re living in our new house in the boonies and enjoying country life again. The dogs love it here, and that’s all that matters right now.

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