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Another Friday, another afternoon at BJ’s with my new personally set limits. We took Maxillicious with us because he has been aggressive with the other 2 boys. Can you say TOO MUCH TESTOSTERONE?? He was so good I was amazed. He just laid on the floor and watched the people, he didn’t bark or jump up on anyone, he acted like a well trained dog. Marilyn and I discussed plans for the next night even though Carmen and Brett weren’t there.

Max, sniffing for treats
Not a lap dog
But he’s my sweetie and I hold him anyhow

Saturday evening was the second Because We Care concert to raise $$ for Rehab  for Ursula and Frances. They are 2 ladies Nidia has known for a long time and is doing her best to get the money to ensure they complete treatment. The concert was downtown at the Juan Brooks School. We wanted to support Nidia in her efforts and we also wanted to be there to wish her Happy Birthday. We got there early and the concert was running late. Honduras. So we did what anyone else would do, we walked to the grocery, got beer and wine and drank in the car. Actually Bill and Alex went to get the booze, we sat and finished off the first bottle of wine with the music on and the door opened. Carmen had to pee so she found a dark corner of the parking lot to go. Unfortunately she peed on her new sandals because she peed crooked, the sandals were sparkly too. But that’s not why she peed on them. Just about the time Carmen went to pee, Nidia walked by. She had no idea we were there, it was really weird. We were happy to see her, she looked gorgeous, well, she is gorgeous. We had a few things for her birthday so we gave them to her there. I also handed her my half full orange (never done an orange Solo before, only red) Solo cup of wine. She informed us the concert was for drug rehab, not alcohol, we were cool. Not that we needed rehab or anything. We went to the concert and the guest singer, Ursula, the lady that was in rehab for drug addiction, was 2 hours late. TO HER OWN $$$ RAISING CONCERT, SHE WAS LATE. She was getting her nails done. Marilyn had a water bottle with wine in it (@ the Rehab concert) and Carmen had her own orange Solo cup.

Our view from the back row
Nidia, Ursula, Irenne and the guys in the band

I think at one point I had the cup, passed it back to Brett to give to Carmen and she proclaimed, “No, I’m too drunk and hungry to drink anymore”. {They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no.} The lady in front of her turned and scowled, after all, we were at a Rehab concert. I walked out front to talk to Nidia and on the way back inside Marilyn and Alex were walking towards me, Alex came up and grabbed me and started swirling me around this parking lot that had crater size holes in it, dancing.  Yes, we were the only people dancing. I had on 3″ wedges for the first time in over 2 1/2 years, I could barely walk, let alone dance. It was wonderful.

It was getting late and none of us had eaten so we left the concert for Rehab b/c we were lacking sustainable nutrition with our wine. We went to Romeo’s, a fancy restaurant, for dinner. It sits on the water in French Harbor and my friend Connie and her husband own it. {She is the lady who started Cattleya school for the physically and mentally challenged students. I go there and help when I’m needed.} As soon as we got there Bill got a call from a neighbor who said our dogs were barking like crazy. We thought, oh well, there’s a rabbit..then our other neighbor calls, he’s 86 and deaf as a doorknob. He heard them too. He said he would walk up and then call us. He didn’t call so Bill called him and he was at our fence and the dogs were barking so loud they couldn’t talk. By this time we had our drinks and were deciding what to do.

Brett sure is eyeing Bill’s beer
The ever gorgeous Marilyn and Alex! What a couple..

We all placed our orders and five minutes later decided we have to get them “to go.” Right before our meals were ready to go we got another phone call that the dogs had stopped barking. Hmmmm. What does that mean?

Obviously because Alex is absent from this photo, I was Marilyn’s love-sub. Alex was being a gentleman and getting the car and waiting, and waiting for us..No blame on the restaurant, we ordered a lot of food to go.

It means it’s time to pose for pics while we wait for our food to be done, then we jumped in the waiting car and came to our house.

Carmen balancing the food, Brett balancing his beer. Love these 2.

The Beach Boys led by Highway were barking when we came up the hill but not that much. Frito was doing her f*cking seal impersonations, UGH. That drives me crazy. Seriously, she sounds like we have a Flock of Seals inside. {And the guy that was going to give her a new home said she doesn’t bark. OMG.} Anyhow, we get home, go upstairs with eleventy boxes of food, bag of ice, random beers and some wine that was diluted by ice cubes. The dogs were fine, the house was secure and they were barking BECAUSE THEY COULD. We weren’t here to stop them.

We all stood around our island and ate like a bunch of starved heathens. Once all of our bellies were full, we all wanted to lay down and sleep. Marilyn and Alex and Brett and Carmen still had a drive and a boat ride to get home. They’re like island pioneers, or maybe pirates, whatever.

Anyhow, a completely random, crazy stupid, disrupted evening turned out to be a blast.

The tribe has spoken. They were all voted in, they can stay.


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