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03/25/2015  Aah, just yanked my bra out of my tank top before I started this post, what a fabulous feeling!! Not sure why I waited so long to be rid of it. My house is sometimes decorated with bras. One hung on the back of the kitchen chair, one on a bar stool,  one on the bedroom door knob. You just never know!! Set those boobs free!

I went to Cattleya on Wednesday to help Cynthia do an art project. There were only a few kids there that day. Niki’s mom and sister Emily were there, Cynthia had a helper for Angel and I worked with Loren, which is a pretty sweet gig because he does his own thing. The kids made Easter baskets out of brown paper bags that Cynthia had cut out into bunny shape.

Making Easter baskets
Once completed they were hung on the wall. Today they are filling them with grass and coloring eggs.
Me in the back corner cutting out bunny ears.

It was fun helping there, I really enjoy it. I’m going to try to go to a Zumba class with them today, not sure I’ll make it with so much to do, but it’s on my list of things to do with the kids! Here is their video from last week: Cattleya Zumba   (click on Cattleya Zumba)

We have been sick. I mean down sick, in bed sick, cough until your head feels like it will explode, vise like grips on my forehead sick. Bill had aches and pains, had to rest after climbing steps, he was coughing but not as bad as I was. We felt feverish, totally worn out. This all hit at the start of our last five days before company comes while we were trying to put the downstairs together again. Friday it snuck up on us and by Friday night we were down. Saturday I barely moved except when I coughed. I ate nothing, drank gallons of water and slept. Bill was totally fried. Nothing got done on Saturday. Sunday I forced myself to start cleaning, did lots of laundry, made beds with fresh sheets, washed dishes and prodded Bill to get his stuff put away. I kept laying down in between tasks.

Monday I had to take my car in early to get my new tires then I had two girls coming to clean!! They only worked about three hours and Bill took them home with their pay and a big bag of clothes I didn’t want. I was not happy with the job they were doing and just wanted them to go. I re-scrubbed the floors Tuesday morning with my steam cleaner and re-did some of the things they did sloppily. My girl is usually real thorough, maybe it was because she had someone with her. Whatever! I paid the two of them for three hours $15.00 less than what I paid my gal back in Washington for ONE hour. She wasn’t all that great either. Obviously my Type A personality is a hindrance.

Bedroom on left. White board behind shelves is for kinder in the valley. Bill will get that finished this weekend.
Key holder from Umbul Umbul, have I mentioned how much I LOVE that store? I’m taking the girls there tomorrow as soon as I pick them up at the airport.
Good patio set is nowhere near Lola.
From bedroom looking out to living room. I LOVE the colors.
Back bedroom, still need some more art in here, I’ll find stuff eventually.
Soothing turquoise!

After I was done (re) cleaning on Tuesday I took a shower and went to a doctor for an acupuncture treatment. My neck was not getting better after five physiotherapy treatments, I needed magic. And I found it!! Dr. Fabian Vallejo can stick needles in me anytime. I had no idea what to expect, he did not tell me anything except to lay on my stomach. He swabbed points on my skin with something, jabbed me and hammered the needle in. Hammer is an exaggeration, I barely felt it, such a light feeling. If I didn’t space out and count wrong I believe there were 15 in me; in my heels, ankles, outside of my fist, elbows, neck and shoulders. His next words were, RELAX. And he left the room. Then something really funny happened. A lady came in and started telling him she needed antidepressants. They were talking back and forth, I could barely hear them sometimes and other times I thought they were in my room. He told her she didn’t need them. She responded, “when I ride my scooter and hit pot holes it makes me angry, I am depressed, I need antidepressants.” He told her to drink more water. She said “I don’t want to drink water and you said I can’t have ice cream.” He told her again, no antidepressants. Damn, I hope I wasn’t imagining that because it was so bizarre!

Soon he came back in and took the needles out of my skin. He said he was giving me an injection for the tendonitis and inflammation. I said, can you cure my cough? He asked me about it, what I was taking, how long I was sick. He injected me in my lower back and several places around my neck. He said, OK. I asked if we were done and he said yes. I got up to walk out and immediately noticed a difference in my neck. Immediate! He had a handful of medicines in packages. He said take one of each every eight hours and I’ll see you next week. Duh, OK! I’m actually going to talk to him about my knee, I bet he can help with that too!

I went to the grocery store to stock up and they had no black tea, no cilantro, no decent red peppers, no avocados, no LaChoy Rice noodles and get this, NO SWISS CHEESE, maybe Friday. This was Tuesday. I made pasta salad (using packaged cheese not deli) and hard boiled some eggs, need avocado and cilantro to devil them. So, that’s been my last few fun filled days! My neighbors just told me there are no chicken breasts to be found either. Life in a third world country.

Two weeks have passed since I snatched and grabbed Frito from the school in barrio Los Fuertes. She has been to the mainland, had her leg removed and back. The incision looks great, she has been scratching it a lot lately, healing always itches. We keep catching her down in the grass with wild child Lola. Frito is on her belly, one front leg pulling her across the yard, reveling in the grass on her tummy. Doesn’t do shit for the bandage though. That’s been the only pain part of dealing with this, the bandage. Compared to what she has had to deal with, it’s not worth complaining about. She never fusses or growls when we clean her incision, just lays there and allows us to do whatever. She can go up and down the steps but sometimes she wants carried. She has never had an accident in the house, in my car, on her crate or on the porch. She makes Lola look like a real piece of crap. Yes, Lola still pees. I’m contemplating having her sewn shut, depriving her of water didn’t work.

Highway is so abused by Lola
What a pair!
Yes, that’s my new table, she thinks it’s her bed. My porch always has about 20 dog toys all over it and everything is covered in dog hair. And I actually ordered more toys that my friends are bringing down,
Frito sleeping in the kitchen
Craig and Cleo (her leg is in the air) brought Oso over for a play date. Lola ADORES him and wears him out.
I would keep this little guy!
One of the sick nights, Kleenex and juice and water and pills on the nightstand and a 3 legged dog in my bed snuggling. Ignore the ugly bedspread, my friend Rebecca is an uber quilter and made me a quilt top out of Batik, very anxious to get it down here when Teri B comes.
3 pack
Handsome lover boy Lucky
Her Highness, Emmy
She graced us with her presence but soon decided the mutts were not at her intelligence level and returned to her inside domain.

I fully intended this to be a quick post but forgot I am long winded. I’ve been asleep really early the past four nights, last night I had full blown INSOMNIA!! I wonder why I am so wound up? Must be excitement!!

Today Frito got her stitches out, and got her vaccines, she is good for a year. Doc had a big smile on his face when he saw her. We were worried that she may be pregnant but he said she’s just GORDO, FAT!! Going to have to monitor that because of her missing a leg, weight can be detrimental,  just like it is to humans.

My rum cake just came out of the oven, waiting to glaze it. Going to run a few errands soon before Oso comes for his play date. This will be my last post until after the second of April, friends arrive tomorrow for a week and we are going to be busy girls. Plan to go on a boat trip snorkeling in the Pigeon Cays, a Pirate Party at a friends, a day at West Bay beach before the Semana Santa crowd arrives, probably a day at Little French Key and then we’ll stay down east, away from the freaking crazy insanity of this next coming week. Easter week is the busiest week on the island! UGH!

Pigeon Cay, photo courtesy of Bay Island Airways
Photo courtesy of Ruthless Roatan Charters

I haven’t seen Cis and Cheryl for 25 years and am so touched that they are actually coming to see ME! I can’t wait!

By Ledfutt

Living on an island was a life long dream of mine. In 2012 I moved to Roatan and lived there for 4 months, went back to the US, packed up our belongings and sold our house. In Oct of 2013 we moved there permanently. Our house was completed in July of 2014 and we moved in. After 6+ years, I was ready to go back to the US. I made the move in Dec of 2019 and my husband came a year later. Here we are in Arizona, waiting for our island house to sell so we can sell this place and move on. I guess I'm more like a traveling mermaid.


  1. Interesting, never thought about you having Semana Santa there, we will have about 300 people here in the campo for it, all 25 palapas are rented as are a few of the lots, plus there will be people camping on the beach and in the arroyo. I used the drag on the road today and will do it again tomorrow because we are having a big fish fry here tomorrow to benefit ViVa, the dog neutering program in San Felipe. The weather has turned quite warm, 86 today and 88 tomorrow. The nights cool down with the breeze coming in off the sea. I LOVE it down here.
    Walt K.

  2. The kids Easter decorations are so cute~ I’m glad Frito is doing so well. You and Bill may have gotten some sort of virus or something, hope you’re doing better! I have to say I love your colors you’ve chosen on the walls and the geckos are my new favorite, too. I have them all over, lol! The keychain holder is gorgeous!

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