2500 PSI versus toes

11/26/2017 First of all, I apologize for being MIA. My laptop died soon after my last post and we have been waiting ever since for the new fan. It finally arrived on Wed and Bill installed it a few days later and it works. He also put in a new laptop keyboard but the space bar isn’t working. Damn. Bill just discovered the space bar only works if you hit it right in the middle, either end doesn’t work. Nice..And a lot of the letters don’t work. I sent Amazon a bitchmail telling them it was defective and it would cost me $50.00 to return it and they credited me the money. Bill bought me a keyboard at Technos for 170 L, about $7.00. It’s kind of psychedelic.

At least it works.

I was sick when I returned from my class reunion but once I saw the ENT @ Clinica Esperanza and got  the right meds, I was better in two days. I felt great for about a week and then the rains began here. It rained so much and for so long that I became a hermit and didn’t go anywhere unless I absolutely had to. One night I woke in the middle of the night, all stuffed up, figured it was an allergy. After a few nights of that and Benadryl not working I got some Zyrtec, thinking that would do the trick. Nope, didn’t work either. I started on Nyquil before bed and again when I woke at 2 AM unable to breathe. Nyquil works but only for a few hours. I was going through boxes of Kleenex like an alcoholic goes through cheap gin. I dealt with this for  5 weeks, I kept thinking I was getting better, only to feel worse the next day. I ended up going back to the same ENT as the last time. He said it was definitely allergies, probably to mold and mildew. Gee, I live in the jungle, it’s rained for 6 weeks and there is mold on my tshirts and my pocketbook straps. Nothing is sacred here. I bought 2 Damp Rids for the bedroom and in less than 10 days they are filled with water. Dampness is everywhere. Jungle life is not for everyone. The ENT Doc  gave me the names of some nasal sprays, I bought 2 of them and some Claritin for about $40.00 and felt better immediately after using the nasal spray. It’s a flipping miracle. I am finally off the Nyquil and sleeping fabulously again.

We were without power for 12 hours one weekend. Our friend had a generator he wanted to sell so we decided to buy it. Bill and Miguel went to pick it up and brought it home to hook it up in the outside bodega. Bill got it all hooked up (by now we were with no power 15 hours, I was going stir crazy, enough that I played Yahtzee alone for a few hours and read a book in a day) and threw the switch. I was sitting on the front porch and the lights came on. Then they went off. I went into the foyer and smelled something electrical burning. I assumed it was just the generator getting started but the smell got stronger. Bill was back in the bodega and Miguel was out front with me. I told him I smelled something and he said lets go look. We came upstairs and the smell was awful, instant headache awful and there was smoke. I knew right away what it was. The surge protector under the island had caught fire.

During the boredom

Not looking good

Burned wood. I realized the following week when I was cleaning the shelves that it burned the lower shelf too.

It also fried our good Belkin surge protector. We don’t know why it did this, it may have been the plug on the generator or something else. It had previously been worked on by an islander and not saying it’s their fault but many times they really don’t know what they are doing but they won’t ever tell you that. We’ve decided against that generator and are going to get one but something smaller. We don’t need one that big, just enough for the fridge, the computers and a few lights.

We did get blessed with an awesome rainbow right after the near fire. The next day Bill bought a fire extinguisher.

All of the dogs are healthy, Gringos tail healed perfectly. They were thrilled when the sun came out and they could swim. I get so much enjoyment watching them have fun in the pool.

Gringo and Barrio in the pool, Highway and Max on the edge, looking for something to bark at.

I have not done very much these past 6 weeks, Carmen and I did some shopping one day. A trip to Mega Paca and then Ace and Eldon’s grocery store. I picked Chuck and Nancy up when they came back to the island and the other day I had lunch with Jeanie and Nancy at Cal’s, he’s finally open! Yummy garlic laden caesar salad, I could eat it every day. Except, my breath, OMG. I could start campfires with it.

I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix a few months ago but kind of forgot about it. I saw all of my friends posting about it so I decided to start over and watch both seasons. I was hooked and totally binge watched it. Shortly after it was over I wanted Eggos, really bad, like craving them. I forgot them when I went to get groceries with Carmen. I asked Bill to get them, he either forgot or thought I was kidding and didn’t get them for me. I finally remembered to get them the next time I went to the store. I stared at the selection and ended up getting the plain ones. When I grabbed the box it felt damp. I knew right then they were going to be crap and they were. Disappointing Eggos, frozen and thawed so many times on their journey to Roatan.  There was no softness to it, nor was there a crispness on the outside. It was like eating a cardboard plate with butter and syrup on it. I even tried to thaw them before I toasted them. Cardboard still. How disappointing. I frisbeed them over the bank into the jungle figuring some animal would love them. Next time I’ll try the local brand. UPDATE: I tried the local ones (ShurFine) and they are edible.

This past Friday I wanted to pressure wash. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Bill brought the pressure washer up on the concrete pool deck and I got to work. I love the way it cleans everything. The mold and mildew from all of the rain had turned the deck brown and green. The pressure washer returned it to it’s normal color. It’s just the coolest thing, until you hit you two little toes with it. It took the skin right off, nail polish too. It sort of bled but not a lot. I decided to finish where I was washing, then go dry it and stop the bleeding. I wiped the dirt out of it and went back out and pressure washed some more. Bill was not thrilled that I was doing it in flip flops to begin with nor did he see any intelligence in the fact that after I hurt myself I continued to use it in flip flops. At that point there was no way I could put a shoe on anyhow, my foot was too sore. 2500 PSI can do a number on your skin. I had no idea. I didn’t really clean it out, just rinsed it off in the shower before we went out to eat. I did smear some triple antibiotic cream on it.

That was the night we finally got our $hit together and made it out to dinner with the mid island gang. Thank you Yvonne for not giving up on us. We all met at Cal’s, along with some friends I met awhile ago after a FB friendship. There were 12 of us, it was a gorgeous night and the food was superb, as always. Nice to have a mix of people from our part of the island and a few from a bit further away.

The next day my foot was throbbing so I googled pressure washer injuries and read that if the pressure washer was over 100 PSI (mine was 2500 PSI) to seek medical help. At that point I thought maybe some hydrogen peroxide would be a good idea. That stung like crazy. I then put some antibiotic creme and a bandage on it to keep it clean and started taking cephalexin in case it got infected. Then I talked to a friend who said to soak it in warm water, dry and bandage it, which I did. And another friend who is a nurse said to stop the ceph and only take it if it starts to look infected. I kept it covered for a week and it is fine, still very sore and bruised but not oozing any longer. My biggest issue was the dogs stepping on it, which happened two times before I learned to pick my foot up and stand on one leg while letting them in or out.

Healing, with a piece of dog hair stuck in it

Bill always likes to have Thanksgiving at home so this year I invited Sam and Chelsie Arch and Daniel Johnson and his woman, Steph. Chelsie and Steph went to college together in the states and Sam and Daniel are cousins. I love these 4 so much. Sam’s family has the iguana farm and Daniel has the sloth and monkey hangout. I cooked a big turkey with filling, mashed potatoes and gravy and a variety of other stuff along with desserts. Unfortunately Sam has the flu and couldn’t make it which was really a bummer, he was missed. We had a good meal and stuffed ourselves. I didn’t even have room for dessert.

Bill and Marcos were at our friend Susan’s house doing some work and caught two more baby iguanas. They took them down to Arch’s Iguana farm. We have rescued  lot of them this year. There was a big one in the tree, the dogs spotted it. I came in to get my camera but idiot Highway and his barking scared it away.

On Saturday we had other friends over for pizza. Kevin and Claire live close to us and have one of our pups, Tank. We had dinner at their house last so it was our turn. I think we could sit and chat with these two for days on end, especially if there is wine! I had a headache this morning, I rarely drink more than a glass of wine at a time and I had 2 last night. Woke with a pounding headache this morning.

Remember the sign my friends husband made for me that said Warning Mermaids? Well, he made this awesome sign for me too.  I’m going to hang them inside because I like them so much and don’t want them to get ruined by the weather. Thank you Gary!!

Max the lap dog

My messy kitchen. Bill is doing the concrete counters in an acrylic epoxy, hopefully he will get started this week.


Today is a pivotal day for the country of Honduras and for the island. It’s election day. The President of Honduras is a very evil corrupt man. It is against the constitution for him to be running again but he changed the rules so he could. I pray he does not win. The island of Roatan is divided into 2 parts, each with their own mayor. We live in Santos Guardiola and our Mayor is a good man. He really tries his best to help the island, he has done work on schools, roads, many things to help the communities that make up SG. The other end of the island is run by a megalomaniac. He has wasted so much money traveling with his bunch of sheep to various places in the world looking for alternate energy sources. Our power company is owned and run by an extremely wealthy Texan. The idiot mayor from the west end has done everything in his power to harass the power company, instead of being smart and working with them. The mayor lost the election in his party so he has moved to a different party and is running again. He has done nothing for the schools, the roads on his end of the island are deplorable, the garbage is not picked up, the crime is bad and he is doing everything in his measly amount of power to ruin the island for tourism. He can not be re-elected. If the current president wins and the ridiculous excuse for a mayor is re-elected, we will really need to evaluate some things.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, except for missing the boys and our families, ours was great.


Rainy days and rainy nights

10/23/2017 The rains are here. It’s been a dreary gray wet week with lots more rain coming. Maybe a little early for the season to begin but we can’t do anything about that so we’ll enjoy the cooler temps and no humidity, even if it means we have 5 dogs underfoot all day long. I believe the nor’easter that was predicted to arrive has arrived. It’s raining sideways, I can’t see the ocean from any window, it’s just total grey, and wet. Damn wet. However, we wouldn’t live in this gorgeous jungle without the rain, so let it pour. The rain is running in both of the bathroom windows, dripping off the counters onto the floor. Damn idiot window guy screwed up 98% of the windows he installed and screwed up 100% of the screens. Good thing he’s a minister and is honest and stands behind his work. Oh wait, no he doesn’t.

Before I left for Maryland to visit with my family I received an email from the husband of a friend that I used to work with. He said he had made something for me and wanted to send it to me in Roatan. Since mail is not easy to get here I suggested he mail it to my sister and I would get it while there.

Thank you Gary Murphy for the awesome Mermaid sign. I love it. Trying to decide where to put it.

I met another new friend on FB who wanted to bring flip flops down for Nidia and I to distribute. I sent her a letter to help her get through customs (they think she is going to sell them, well, that’s their claim, anyhow). Denna and Sean and Ben came out one afternoon so we could finally meet and she brought me a bag of flip flops. We sat and talked for quite awhile, all the time Ben was entertaining the dogs. They were fascinated with him, perhaps because he was crawling on all 4’s on the pool deck had something to do with their intrigue.

Sandals and beach balls

And a cooler full of reuseable cups.

The day before Denna and the family left for the states, she messaged me that she found another bag of flip flops that they brought for us. I told her I would meet her at the airport and get them. Saturday morning I was getting ready to leave and she messaged and said she was at the airport and everyone wanted sandals. I said, run outside. By the time I got there, it was raining and Denna was hanging out with a few airport workers out of the rain. I pulled up, hugged her, threw the sandals and some leftover beach balls in my car and was outta there. Denna also brought me a gift: this fabulous set of wooden bowls. I am in love with them (and I also am very fond of the burlap bag the bowls came in, which means it doesn’t take much to excite me).

Thank you Denna for thinking of me.

And while I’m at it, thanks to my SIL Kathy for the mermaid pillow. I sleep with it, it is my reading in bed go to, never leaves it’s position. Thank you.

In the world of I still hate to cook, we (Bill) got an instant pot. I won’t even turn on the gas oven let alone read a manual for an instant pot. I thought it may satisfy his need to eat syndrome. Ta-da! We have one and I have been pinning recipes, which I print and hand to Bill. I just pinned a hard boiled egg recipe for the IP but it was too confusing. I put them in a pan with water in it, supposed to be until they boil, but I forgot about them and started doing something else, then remembered. Oh shit. Reason # 327 why I ALWAYS need to use a timer. The eggs survived.

One day a few weeks ago Bill calls me with another, guess what call. Who the hell has a guess, this IS Roatan after all. He tells me that “someone” threw 3 puppies out on the road and he picked them up and they were at Miguel’s. A few days later I went down to see the puppies. One white, 2 tan females. Adorable, and covered with fleas and ticks. They all got thorough Dawn blue soap baths, let them dry, rinsed them and combed all the dead and any live fleas out of all of them. I also pulled all the ticks off of them and squashed them until they squirted blood between my fingernails. They need to die. The pups ears were a mess so I cleaned them, need to go do it again. They are so sweet. They are now flea free, are eating dog food with baby cereal supplement. That way they will get some extra vitamins.

Me and the girls

Bill carrying them down to the water. A bath down there didn’t work too well. Not with 3 of them. And Bonnie.

My friend Kathy decided she would take one of the puppies, her dogs are getting old so she took the white one. The pup slept with her the first night, I think they’ve bonded. The pups are ready for their second set of shots and I’m re-worming them next week. Hope to find homes, we and friends will pay for the spaying. They MUST be spayed. Puppies anyone?

These are the 2 girls that are still looking for homes.

Miguel finally was able to get our tile grouted on the pergola counter top, one more thing finished. Bill has decided to redo the steps down to the pool, they were done incorrectly the first time, then done incorrectly the second time. I’m hoping the third time’s a charm.

Last Thursday morning Bill came in the bedroom with Gringo and said, we have a problem. Bill is a harbinger of gloom and doom, honest, he is. I was still asleep. He got Gringo up on the bed and pulled his tail away from his butt and there was a sore big as a 50 cent piece. Inside the raw wound was a hole. Not just a little hole but a hole that looked like a groundhog lived in it or something. There isn’t a vet on the island until Wednesday. I was going to take him to the mainland to be seen but decided since he wasn’t sick from this injury that I could wait for Doc. I started him on antibiotics right away and used Vetricyn spray on the wound. We wrapped it during the day and at night took the bandage off and had him wear the cone. I wanted to keep the wound as clean as possible. It was actually looking better after a few days. We asked Miguel to go with us to the vet on Wednesday to translate since Bethany (who usually translates) doesn’t come in until 8, we were there at 6:25 AM. We got him up on the table and Doc examined it, gave him a shot to knock him out and we waited. Finally he was stoned enough for Doc to start working.

Gringo, he was feeling no pain but his eyes were open.

Doc cut some skin from the edges, cleaned out the hole thoroughly, debrided the whole wound and then put stitches inside and outside. Doing this is genius, it’s the way vets in the US do it because it doesn’t allow a pocket of blood to form between the wound and the stitches. Doc said he will be fine, keep him on antibiotics, take the bandage off in 3 days and come back in 2 weeks. We were there for 45 minutes, 30 of those minutes he was tending to Gringo. He gave him a shot to knock him out and one for pain and charged me 750L which is about $31.00. We are so lucky to have a surgeon of his calibre come to the island. When Doc removed Fritos leg, it was the cleanest incision I’ve ever seen. There was never a bump or a red spot on it. The guy knows what he’s doing and his compassion for animals is overwhelming.

When I posted this on FB, people at first thought it was a severed head. OMG, not my boy Gringo. This is the comfy cone that I hate. Don’t buy one. There are so many raw edges at the neck opening that Gringo’s neck was raw. I’m back to using the old cone.

Gringo was still stoned, Lola laid next to him for awhile.

Then Barrio snuggled next to his brother.

While one was with Gringo, the other 3 were in the stairway. They never got far away from him, laying there until the sedative wore off and he was up and around. Strong pack instincts.

Gringo got his bandage off on Saturday, finished his antibiotics yesterday and his tail incision looks fabulous. Unfortunately, he won’t stop chewing at it so he is in the cone most of the time.

On Wednesday afternoon I heard Highway barking like crazy (not unusual since he’s an idiot) so I went out to see why. These boys were outside our fence, they live down in the valley and cut wood nearby. Milton was calling for me, he needed water because David had cut his foot. Bill walked around the fence and carried David to the porch. Bill cleaned the wound and bandaged it. I gave them all sandals and small balls from Denna, underwear from Kelly and Hot Wheel cars from Mike and Liza. After that Bill took them all home. Seriously, kids this young cutting wood in the jungle in their bare feet, it’s life down here. People do what they need to to provide for their families. This is the norm for island life.

left to right, Milton, Lester and David, who cut his foot. Milton and David and Marcos (not pictured) went with me to the children’s day party that Nidia had last month.

We have eaten at Aroma twice in the last few weeks with Trish and Dave, always an enjoyable time with them and the food is delicious. We also had dinner and visited with our friends who have one of our pups, Tank or Tankerdoodles as I called him. Oh how I love all of these dogs that Frito had.

Me and Tank

Chance and the family are coming in June, can’t wait for them to visit again! He found some good prices on tickets considering he is coming from Rapid City.

We believe this is a geode but as Trace says, “until you break it open, it’s just a rock.” It was found while building our home.

View from the porch with my ZZ plant on the table. I’m going to need a bigger pot soon, this thing is growing like crazy. Thanks Ann for telling me about them.

The following are some of Trace’s doodles. They can all be purchased here: https://traceplace.pixieset.com/art/

He also has larger pieces available at: https://traceplace.pixieset.com/largerart/

My friend ordered some via the site, said it was very easy and they were delivered in a week. He calls them doodles, I call them amazing art.

At our class reunion I heard the name Carol called but didn’t think much about it, until I realized it was me being called. Carol was the fake name for the article about the Summer of Love. Maybe I’ll dye my hair pink since I can’t seem to get it the color I want it.

This does not look comfortable. I guess if you don’t have a brain, it doesn’t really matter.

We got our furniture back from the upholsterer, it looks fabulous, although it is sitting in the middle of the room covered in sheets. I want to re-arrange the furniture but need to get Bill on board to even attempt it. Once we get it situated I’ll post photos. I took my old curtains down and gave them away. I don’t want curtains, Bill does, he doesn’t have to wash and iron the stupid things. Waldina’s (the upholstery shop) is recovering the throw pillows for the couch and making 2 covers for the ottomans that the dogs lay on. They will be made out of sunbrella (the whole couch is Sunbrella) so they will be cleanable.

Last week Marcos was cutting with the weed whacker and noticed these five babies in the trees. On Saturday he caught one and he and Bill took it to Arch’s Iguana farm.

Two in the papaya

Two in the hog plum

And this dude with the molting skin on his head. I saw him before in the big papaya by the pool patio.

Love this photo and love my Nikon CoolPix B 500 camera

Kevin and Pam got me this hand towel in California. (They also got me my awesome Mermaid hat.) I doubt I’ll be able to use this towel, I think I’ll have Bill make a stretcher frame for it and I’ll hang it on the wall. Thank you Kevin and Pam. XOXO

Another glorious full moon.

It sounds like the rain has stopped for the moment, it may be a good time to take the five dogs out to potty. Bill made some chicken noodle soup in the instant pot tonight. Power is still on, rain has stopped. Could be a good night despite having 5 dogs inside because the porch is totally wet.

By the way, the 26th of October it will be 4 years since we moved here. Four damn years, where did my life go? No regrets. Dinner with a huge group of friends on Friday night, living la vida loca.

Happy freaking rainy season everyone.

My comedy of errors life.

09/27/2017 The photo and quote were on the wall at Emily’s home, I felt it was appropriate to use it on this blog.

The day before I was to leave the island I was down at the pool. I went to lock the gate open with the hook and eye that Bill installed on it to hold it open so the dogs could go in and out. When I went to place the hook in the eye, there was something in it. I pulled it out and just about died. It was Lola’s whole pinky toenail, totally ripped off her toe. She compulsively jumps over the gate in her effort to always be first and must have caught it and just torn it right out. I can’t fathom how much that must have hurt her. We started doctoring her immediately. Great, I’m leaving tomorrow and need to worry about this. Bill was Lola’s nurse for the week and I’m happy to say it’s all healed up. I started her on cephalexin immediately so there wouldn’t be any infection and she wore a sock and the cone of shame for 9 days.

UGH freaking UGH!

Poor girl, she was a trooper though.

My trip to the US began on an excellent note, I was upgraded to First class on the Houston to Baltimore route.

Excellent, free wine but no food. I got to Baltimore, got my bags, got my rental car and drove to the hotel I was staying at for the night. When I went to check in she said my reservation was for Sunday night, not Saturday. It actually was 1:30AM Sunday morning. When I made the reservation on Expedia before I confirmed online, I called the hotel and asked the person who answered the phone about it. He said, no, it would be for Sunday night, not Saturday because Saturday ended at midnight. So I bought the reservation. The girl at the desk said, “well, actually, it still is Saturday.” I see her point, but it wasn’t. I told her I spoke to a male at the desk and he said to make the reservation for Sunday. She said the hotel was full and there were no single bed rooms available. A room with 2 beds was $50.00 more. Seeing as how it would be 2 AM before I even got to the room and planned on leaving by 10 AM I could see no reason to pay for a bed I wouldn’t touch. I was really nice to the girl, explained where I came from and that I would be in the room a short time. She finally gave in and put me in the 2 bed room. I was so excited I gave her a nice tip.

I got up in the morning, showered and set off for my sisters house. Missy called Mom and Dad and they wanted me to come for brunch so I hustled over to their place. They were waiting in the area by the dining room. They both look really good and were extremely happy to see me. We sat down to eat near the salad/fruit bar. Dad got up with me to help me get some food, like I need help. He kept trying to get me to have some milk or tomato juice. Never in my life have I liked either of them, nor did I want any, especially since what he was trying to get me to drink was ranch dressing and french dressing. They were in the big plastic bottles with the red pour spouts. I told him I thought they were salad dressing but he said they were milk. We had a good breakfast but while we were sitting there Mom was freaking out over some lady who was taking all of this food back to her room in to go boxes. I tried to tell her not to worry about it, she wasn’t paying for it. She was relentless and very loud about it. I think since she is hard of hearing she doesn’t realize how loud she speaks. It was an experience for sure.

We went back up to their apartment and visited for awhile. Missy was having us for dinner that evening so I got Mom and Dad together, ran a few errands for them on the way and went to Missy’s home, less than 10 minutes away. We had a great meal there. Mark and Missy were astounded at how alert Mom and Dad were and that they seem to have changed after Ashley’s wedding the previous weekend. It’s the first they have been out to a real social gathering in quite some time (their choices not to socialize). Mark and Missy and I stayed up for awhile after Miss and I took Mom and Dad home, chatting about the situation with them and coming to the realization, it is what it is.

The next morning I headed to TJ Maxx, oh how I’ve missed that store. I shopped for a few hours but felt guilty the whole time I was there so I left (after buying a few things) and went to visit Mom and Dad.

It’s been a long love affair.

I asked Mom if she wanted to go shopping, she did, of course. I said she had to take her walker, she said, “your Father will be fit to be tied.” (We have some Pennsylvania Dutch in us). My Mother has a bad knee and she’s NOT a knee surgery candidate, she should be using a walker, but my Dad won’t allow it. He said she looks stupid and it embarrasses him to be seen with her. OMG OMG OMG. I said that I didn’t care and he could deal with me. We got off the elevator and she didn’t know which way to go to get outside, there are no signs at all. I figured it out and once we got there, VR (my Dad) was wandering around. He walked outside with her to wait while I brought the car around. When she got in my car she said he told her she looked stupid with a walker, she looks like an old lady. For shits sake, she IS an old lady, she’s 92.

Seeing the two of them have really made me think about getting old(er)

I wanted to go to Target so we set the GPS and were off. We shopped for a little bit, she bought him 5# of M&M’s. Then we went back to the grocery near where they live. She was looking all over for cannoli but ended up buying eclairs and coke for VR. Eclairs, Cannoli, not the same.

They wanted me to go to the dining hall with them for dinner. I was introduced to everyone there as their OLDER daughter who lives on an island. I was thankful that this year Roatan had not moved, last year it was in the Pacific Ocean. Or so my mother thought, geography was never a strong subject for her. While waiting to be seated 4 ladies came in, all with walkers, all in a line. Dad said, “look at those lazy women, they could walk if they wanted to, they’re just lazy.” I was appalled. I told him he didn’t know if they could walk without them or not and it was not nice to judge them for using a walker.

After we were seated I went to get some fruit and Dad once again offered me milk (ranch dressing). During the meal he asked me when I started wearing glasses, I said 5th grade, don’t you remember? I wouldn’t leave the bathroom at 4 Mile elementary and they had to call Mom to come over. He was off on another subject by then. We were joined by a man at dinner and neither Mom nor Dad spoke to him so I started a conversation with the man. He had some interesting stories and every now and then he would say something that piqued their interests, like eating at Horn and Hardart in NYC. Then they had something to say. That evening Dad wanted ice cream. It was not served fast enough and he filed a complaint. OMG OMG OMG. Let me also say my Father drinks 3-4 cans of coke a day. He NEVER drank soft drink and he eats M&M’s by the pound. Mom says she buys 7# bags for him. The man does not have a single speck of fat on his body and you could probably bounce a bowling ball off of his abdomen. No, I did not try.

I left after dinner and went back to my sisters. They told me some stories and I shared some thoughts with them. This was Monday night, I was still feeling good.

Tuesday I was driving to Silver Springs proper to meet Barry, one of Trace’s best friends from Williamsport. On the way there I stopped by Mom and Dad’s. Mom was in bed. I asked Dad what was wrong and he said, she’s sick. I said does she have an upset stomach, he grimly replied, she’s sick. I’m all like, WTH? Does she have a headache, is she having trouble breathing? He said, SHE’S SICK. I said, fine, I’ll stop on my way back through. Oscar the grouch personified.

Mom and Dad at their apartment

Mom and Dad at my niece Ashley’s wedding the weekend before.

Barry (Trace’s friend) and I have been friends on FB for a few years and he wants to come visit us and get certified. We met at a Thai place that was super easy for me to find. How did I live in the US as a young mother without GPS? What wasn’t easy was figuring out how to do the bar code scan parking. I got the app installed, set up a pay from account and then got frustrated and went to a bicycle shop for change. She gave me a $2.00 roll of nickels, it worked. Barry and I had a great lunch, reminisced about many things from Pa. and discussed the best time for him to visit. After we said good-bye I was on my way back to visit with my parents.

I walked in and there Mom was at the counter, cutting up an orange. I said, “You’re up, are you feeling ok?” She replied, “I’m fine, your Father told me to go back to bed this morning, so I did.” I asked if she would jump off the balcony if he told her to and got a dirty don’t be stupid look. Why did he so gloomily say, She’s Sick? I lost brain cells while there. Soon after I got there Missy arrived too. I had messaged her and relayed the scenario. She called and Dad told her Mom was sick and in bed. SHE WAS NOT SICK. Maybe he has Munchausen’s syndrome? Miss left and I got to go to dinner with my folks again. While I was eating lunch with Barry my throat felt scratchy, I knew I was coming down with something. After eating with Mom and Dad I went back to Missy’s, took some cold drugs and went to bed.

I felt worse in the morning so I went to Macy’s. Isn’t that the cure for sickness? I needed something magic to suck my gut in for my class reunion dress. I found something that reduced my fat by 1/4″ so I bought it, 2 bras and 5 pair of undies (which are all too big, they look like something my grandmother wore). The lady at Macy’s said if I used my Macy’s card I would save $80.00. I haven’t used that card for 4 years. They reopened it for me and I did save a little over $80.00, that’s a lot.

I left Macy’s, picked up my dress at the cleaners and went to my sister’s. I thought I should stay away from Mom and Dad for a day, maybe a mental health break. Miss and Mark cooked a good dinner, I organized my stuff (Amazon Prime is my middle name) and went to bed.

Thursday I went over to Mom and Dad’s a little later in the morning. Mom wanted to go to CVS to buy some miracle anti aging creme (she’s 92, remember). She’s addicted to that stuff and let me tell you, it does NOT work. I took her to the grocery again and spent some time with them in the evening. I told them I was leaving in the morning to meet my friend Stan at BWI but I would stop and say goodbye before I left. Missy and Mark took me out for dinner that night to a great restaurant that I think we went to a long time ago.

Missy and Mark

After that I made sure I had everything organized, stuff I needed for Williamsport and my other suitcase with things for Roatan.

I said good-bye to Miss the night before and Mark carried my bags out in the morning. I drove to BWI, got there on time, called the FBO and told them where I was so they could pick me up to meet Stan in his plane.

We made it to Williamsport around 1 and drove around for awhile. Stan stopped by his parents graves then we drove past my old house on Edercrest Rd.

I grew up in this house, we moved here when I was in 4th grade. It was 3 houses down from the Williamsport Country Club. My brother and I became WCC brats, we were there from the time they opened until dinner time, when we had to go home.

We then stopped at the Bullfrog Brewery for some lunch. Stan parked 3′ from the curb so I told him to move the car closer. He did but forgot to put $$ in the meter so we came out to a ticket. Simple things.

We drove around a bit more and then checked into the old City Hall. They renovated the building into rooms and some businesses. It’s a pretty nice place, especially for Williamsport.

The City Hall Grand. That’s me on the L.

My room at the City Hall Grand.

I have no idea when Stan took this photo but it’s awesome. He is an excellent photographer. The red roof on the lower right is where my goldsmith used to be.

We arrived at our reunion spot around 5 PM. It was at the old Shore Acres, my old stomping grounds, now nicely renovated into a busy restaurant called Pier 87. There is a lot of inside seating, seating on the porch and outside seating by the Loyalsock Creek. It’s owned by young Frankie Morrone and his business partner. Frankie and his parents, Barb and Frank are all long time friends. I tended bar for the Morrone’s at the Pub and The Old Corner many moons ago. Some of my favorite people.

A few of my girlfriends come out to see me there, wish I could have visited with them longer but I had my high school friends to visit with too.  A lot of our classmates were there setting up for our party that began at 6.

Karen, JoAnn and Sue setting up.

Not classmates but long time friends, Deb and Mary.

My BFF, Stan.

Mary and my other BFF from high school, Steve Cimini.

I was tapped on the shoulder and turned around to see someone I haven’t seen since 1990, Deb Caulkins. I almost cried, love her so much. Mary, me and Deb.

I was pretty under the weather and the night got quite chilly down by the water so we left around 10 and went back to the hotel. I took some meds and sacked out. The next morning I met Stan and we walked to a place called the Sawhorse for breakfast. It was across from Lycoming College. We had a good breakfast and were trying to decide what to do for the day. On our way back to town we noticed a farmer’s market so we walked through there. Stan bought some pickled jams and jellies to take home.

Mums at the farmers market

Helmrich’s, very fishy smelling in there.

Then he went to Helmrich’s seafood for smoked shad. UGH, my kids loved that stuff.

Our original plan was to go to Montreal to see my college friend for lunch but Stan left his passport in New Hampshire. We called Jan and Jerry to see if they wanted to ride to State College with us for lunch. Jan is Stan’s cousin and Jan and Jerry happen to be some of my best friends from Williamsport, our kids grew up together. I’ve known them since the early 70’s. I still was feeling pretty crappy and had no voice and a super sore throat, but it was a sunny day and it was nice to be with Jan and Jer.

Rockville Federal Penitentiary. You’re not even allowed to stop in front of the place.

Amish horse and buggy

Piece of art outside of a store called Doug Albert Art Gallery, a friend of Stan’s. Cool stuff in there. I named this Fish Face.

Jan and Jerry Fink

We had lunch at the Tavern, an old restaurant in State College that has been there for years. After we ate Stan wanted to walk up on campus so he and Jer did that and Jan and I sat and shared photos and talked.

Our class reunion gig began at 6 PM so we started our way back to Williamsport. Jan and Jer came into the City Hall and checked out each of our rooms, then we said good-bye to them and got ready for our big party.

We decided to walk over to the hotel where the party was, it was only 3 blocks. It was the first I’ve worn shoes other than sandals in 4+ years, I wasn’t sure I could do it but it was just like riding a bike.

Stan took my photo before we left for the evening.

And we did a selfie. Stan has been my friend since 1966, we have always stayed in touch with each other over the years. We were hell raisers in high school. He’s a good guy and a fabulous friend.

These two people I love so much. Steve Cimini and I have been friends since 10th grade and Cathilee and I for longer than that. I’ve seen Cims several times over the years but this was the first I’ve seen Cathilee.

Me and Cathilee.

The reunion was a lot of fun, Ginny and the crew worked non-stop for a year dreaming and planning. They did a great job. It was so nice to see people I’ve not seen since 1967, yet still have a connection to. It was a wonderful evening, I’m so glad I made the trip.

Two of my partners in crime, Richard Tebbs and Stan.

Sue and Garry Masley. These two have been married forever and look just as great as they did in high school. Love them both.

Lynda and I have been friends for a long time and still talk weekly. Ralphie and I have been friends and email buddies for years and years.

Ginny, the mastermind of the gala, she worked so hard for this to be a perfect night. Well done my friend. The handsome guy is my friend Cathilee’s hubby, Tim.

Aaah, two more of my guys, Ralphie and Bill Maule.

I was feeling pretty crappy so we walked back to the hotel around 11. I took a hot bath, soaked my face with hot washcloths, took more meds and put on leggings, a long sleeved shirt, socks and went to bed. The next morning we drove out through Bloomingrove Rd and Poco Farm Rd, stopped by Cicily’s but she wasn’t home. I wanted to see my brother P.J. before I left town so we met him and Devon at Perkins at 10. I saw them come in and got up to greet them and on the way back to the table Jen and Missy Jackson spotted me. My niece and her daughter, so good to see the two of them, absolutely adore them. We had a nice breakfast with PJ and Devon, they were talking about coming down and Devon said she wants to. We would love to have them visit with us, Devon is an excellent swimmer, I think she would enjoy the ocean.

PJ, Devon and I at Perkins. I really really hope they come down!

After that we drove back down to Montoursville to the airport for my ride back to Baltimore.

My (well Stan’s) plane awaits me.

I got to BWI and the driver for the FBO (flight bureau operations) took me over to United. I checked in and went to my gate to wait. We should have been boarding by 4 and we weren’t. Then they announced a gate change and said the plane was late. Great, I had a short connection in Newark for my flight to Los Angeles. I talked to the gate agent and she said we had plenty of time to make the connection. She lied. She also forgot to tell us we had to take a stupid slow bus to our gate which was forever and a day away. When I got out of the bus was the time boarding closed. I do not run, I can’t run. I walked as fast as I possibly could, sure I was going to stroke out at any minute. They were waiting for me to close the gate, I was the last person on the plane. PHEW, didn’t miss my flight to LAX.

BUT…about 2 hours into the flight the flight attendant came on the speaker to say we had to make an emergency landing, somewhere. We were leaking hydraulic fluid in the left wing. Hmm. I was sitting over the L wing. Great. Then she came back and said we would be landing in Chicago and would need to stow everything, take off our glasses, pens out of pockets and they demonstrated crash position landing. The two young girls next to me were freaking out, the one was near tears, other people were crying. It was pandemonium. I got my phone out despite them telling us to turn them off and stow them. I signed up for United’s wi-fi, paid $9.95 for 30 min and messaged Bill, Mr. Pilot. I told him the hydraulics were leaking and he said they are redundant. What does that mean? He said there are backup hydraulics on everything. I asked why the flight attendant made it doom and gloom and we’re all going to die? He said procedural. I got the two girls calmed down somewhat. As we neared Chicago I told them we would be met by fire trucks and ambulances and that we would more than likely come in hard and fast. As we were on final the attendants were strapped in yelling BRACE BRACE BRACE. It was getting ridiculous. I was in the window seat and could see all the  vehicles racing down the runway while still in the brace position. We landed fine, no issues at all. I told the girls that we were ok, no worries, the one started crying again. They shut the plane down and we were towed to the gate.

I knew I was going to miss my 11:39PM flight from LAX to SAL (El Salvador). As soon as I stepped off the plane I called the Premier desk at United. After 41 minutes the girl booked me on a later flight at 1:30 AM out of LAX to El Salvador. Turns out I missed that flight too. We arrived in LAX about 10 minutes after my flight to SAL left. By this time my butt was dragging, I barely had a voice and I felt like absolute crap. Again I called the Premier desk at United and she said they had me booked on the 11:39PM flight to SAL on Monday evening. I gave her my baggage claim checks and she verified that my luggage was at Avianca (my flight to SAL and then to Roatan was on Avianca) being held for me. She told me to walk to the end of the hall and turn R for the customer service desk. I approached the desk and the guy said, “are you Debbie?” They had 2 nights room vouchers and $60.00 worth of food vouchers waiting for me. I waited a whole hour to get to the hotel. Luckily I was the last one on the bus which meant I was the first one off so I didn’t have to wait too long to get checked in. My room was freezing, I had no toothbrush and only the clothes on my back. I wore them to bed.

The next morning I got a message from Cathilee who lives 20 minutes from the airport saying she was coming to get me. Cathilee picked me up and we went to the school her 2 youngest grands go to. She called Poppy down to meet me and this is how she did her hair.

Poppy said her hair was down when she got to school. Then she put it in pigtails, then she braided the pigtails, then she used the pencils to make this look.

Poppy is so creative, she will make a name for herself someday. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

After that we went to Cathilee’s daughter Emily’s amazing home. Lucky day for me, I got to meet all 4 of the gorgeous Power kids. I felt like I knew them already.

Hudson, it was his 8th birthday. He is ADORABLE!

Piper, Hudson, me, Poppy and Polly plus the 2 dogs.

After that Tim and Cathilee took me to Terranea for lunch. It was AHMAZING! It’s where Mike Nelson filmed Sea Hunt. We started lunch off with the best soft pretzel I have ever had in my whole existence! OMG.

Cheap scuba gear

The grounds were amazing.

The entrance

I was freaking over the variety of succulents.

After we left there we went back to Cathilee and Tim’s home and relaxed with them and sweet Ginger, what a funny dog. She craves attention. I got a toothbrush from Cathilee and brushed my teeth before we went to meet the Power family at a sushi place for Hudson’s birthday. Emily and I chatted about them all coming to visit, there will be 11 but if Latifa and her crew come too it will be 16. I would love it. I feel like I know all of them from FB and Instagram so it was another reunion of sorts.

After dinner we went to Cathilee’s and they called an UBER to take me to LAX. The girl came on time and dropped me at Avianca. The lines were huge, 150+ people waiting to check in. I noticed a Star Gold Alliance sign, called the Premier desk again and they said to go there. I was the 3rd person in line. She checked me in gave me my boarding passes, called baggage to retag my bags and I was off to my gate. I have never been so happy to board a plane in my life.

I can’t begin to thank Tim and Cathilee and Emily and kids for their hospitality, I honestly felt like part of the family. I love all of them!

My flight to San Salvador was fine, my flight to Roatan was on time and all I wanted to do was go home and see my dogs.

I slept some the day I got home and went to bed early that night. The next day I went to the clinic and they advised me to get a z-pack and take it. I did and am feeling so much better. It’s really a drag when you go to your class reunion and don’t have the voice or the stamina to uphold your riotous reputation. It was still fun and I’m happy I was able to see my parents, sister and brother and niece and all of the people who put up with my shenanigans during our school years.

Getting off the rock








09/14/2017 In a day I’ll be heading north for a visit. It’s finally hit me and I’m still not prepared nor getting close to being ready to go. Denial that I have to leave the boys. I hated leaving my kids and now I hate leaving my dogs.

Not a lot has happened since my last blog so this will be short with more photos than thoughts. I’ve spent more time at home lately and I’ve really enjoyed it. Lounging by the pool reading books, listening to the damn dogs bark every time a leaf drops or a lizard moves.

We have had some gorgeous weather, hot sunny days with a slight breeze, and I’ve taken advantage of it, being in the pool and outside as much as possible.

On Thursday my friends Amy and Barb came over for the day. We hung in the pool and talked and drank wine. A lot of wine. They left at 4:00 and by 4:30 I was in bed. It was 10 PM when I woke up, starving for something to eat and dying of thirst. Bill had cooked bacon (yummy) and I got up and ate all that was left, chugged a lot of water and went back to bed.

The next day I went to my friend Marcia’s to go cruising in her gorgeous new boat. Marcia was learning to drive it so her boat guy, Christian, was with us. We left Carib Bight, headed out to the east. The boat started acting funny when we turned to go left. After a few minutes it stopped moving. Marcia was unable to get it out of neutral. We were at the mouth of Blue Rock, just bobbing along in the sea. Marcia called her boat repair guy and he said he would be coming right away. It sure didn’t take him long to arrive. He crawled onto our boat, took the cover off the engine and saw that the rubber ring on the prop was rotted and the prop wasn’t engaging. At least, that was my take on the situation, boat mechanic I’m not. He towed us to Trico and went to find a prop that would work on the boat.

Marcia’s home

The houses in Czech Village, between Carib Bight and Blue Rock.

Christian and Marcia

So gorgeous here. You can see mainland Honduras in the background.

The boat repair guy testing out his repair.

Marcia and Christian

Love being out on the water

Coming home from a fabulous day

Marcia and I had a few vodka and frescas and split an order of chicken nachos (which were delicious) while we waited. The boat guy came back, switched out the props and once we finished eating we were on our way to BJ’s.

Marcia’s boat is ultra sleek and fast, it’s in pristine condition and I can’t wait to go out with her again. I’m always up for an adventure, especially one on the water.

This is my boy Duke, one of Frito’s pups that Marcia and Dennis have. He is a total love.

Saturday we celebrated Dia Del Nino, Day of the Children, in Flowers Bay. I took our 3 neighbor boys. I have talked about Eddy before, these are his brothers/step brothers who live with their grandparents. All of the boys living there have been deserted by their parents, who have gone off to find better lives for themselves, not caring about the children they have left behind. The boys I took never get to do anything fun, they have never been to the other end of the island. I made sandwiches for them and took water, sprite and chips. The 3 of them were strapped into seat belts in the backseat and were super quiet the whole way there. They had no idea what to expect, parties are not something they go to. Marcos, the oldest, doesn’t swim but Milton and David sure do. The party was on the water and Marcos asked if they could go in, I said sure.

David and Milton swim like fish

They found an old deflated ball and played for a long time with it.

I was happy they were having fun.

My friend Layle came to do face painting, Ann was there with Abraham (a boy she sponsors at the Charmont Academy) and his sister Brishanne. My sweet young boyfriend from the Mother’s Day flower making at Cattleya was there also, Matthew, he is a doll. He has a smile that melts your heart and the sweetest demeanor. Paul went with me to help, Amy was there, Milesse, Judy and Toni came also to help. It’s usually feast or famine with the help, this day we had enough, sometimes we don’t. We were very grateful to those who came, it’s nice to have support from friends.

Layle was undoubtedly the hit of the party. She has never done face painting before but she came prepared with photos that she found online. She was excellent and the line for her skills never ended.

Milton, Marcos’s brother/step brother. David didn’t want his face painted.

To be honest, Brishanne is beautiful to begin with, as a butterfly, she was stunning.

Brishanne’s brother, Abraham as Batman.

Layle doing her magic.

Matthew was a cat.

The kids did egg races, balloon races, 3 legged races, sack races, they had a spaghetti eating contest, a roll eating contest and a coca cola guzzling contest. The spaghetti contest was better than two years ago when one of the kids threw up everything they had eaten.

Around 3:30 I packed the kids and Paul up and we headed home. The boys each left with ice cream cones and a bag of candy and toys. On the way out of Coxen Hole I stopped at Nidia’s store and picked up the TOM’s shoes that were for the Cattleya school.

When I got home Paul left and the boys ran to the swimming pool and jumped in. They swam for about 20 minutes, then headed down the valley to go home. On Saturday some friends arrived to the island for a week to stay with us. They own a home here and were filming for the TV show Caribbean Life. This is the second couple who stayed here that was filming for the same show.

We have seen a few more large iguanas here, seems like this is a safe place for them, despite the 5 dogs. As long as the iguanas stay outside of the fence they should be good to go. Currently I have a 4″ gecko living in my car. As I’ve said before, I do NOT like geckos. I honestly would prefer a 4′ iguana over this little gecko guy.

The night before last I was in bed reading and a bug flew in my ear. I totally freaked out, while Bill is sound asleep next to me. I finally got it out with a Q-tip. Now when I read I stuff my hair in my ears. Yes, we have screens but they need replaced and our window guy was stuck in Miami, hopefully he will be home soon and come take care of the screens.

As most of you know, I write for Women Who Live on Rocks and so many of the other writers have lost everything they own, their homes and businesses are destroyed, they have nothing to go back to. Their once lush tropical island is now reduced to rubble and trees with not a leaf or frond left on them. If any of you would like to contribute, here is a list of places to donate. (click on list) Remember, these people lost every single thing they own. If you are contributing to Harvey victims in TX or Irma victims in Florida or the Caribbean, please do NOT donate to the Red Cross. In Texas the Red Cross threw out 500#’s of dog food, saying they didn’t need it. Obviously they forgot about all the poor lost animals left in the aftermath who are now in crowded underfunded shelters all over the state of Texas and now in Florida and all of the islands ravaged by Irma. They threw out kennels, blankets, cat litter and food, they said “they will get more.” There are many other more worthwhile charities to donate to.

I really need to start/finish my packing, I still haven’t decided what I’m wearing to the reunion but I am really looking forward to seeing my classmates. Some of these people I haven’t seen since we graduated a few years ago. (Cathilee)

Here’s hoping we have no more hurricanes this season and that the unfortunate folks ravaged by them are able to have a semblance of normal life soon.

I’ll be blogging about my parents and my class reunion next time so check back to see what kind of trouble I got into in Williamsport. This should be an interesting visit.

The cool kids on the plane.


9/1/2017 OMG, my little blog. I forgot all about you, until someone (Gary M) messaged me and said, “I love your blog.” Oh shit. And hello September!

It’s been a quiet time for me as I struggle with all that encompasses a visit to my parents and then my trip to my 50th class reunion. Honest, I’m not really struggling yet, because it hasn’t quite sunk in that it’s soon and the week before I leave we will have company for the week. Our company leaves the same day I do. And I have a children’s day party on September 9th with Nidia. So much to do, so little time.

I had to go to the mainland to see an Endodontist. I’ve been having trouble with a tooth and the dentist here said the root canal was calcified. The endo drilled the roots clean, packed them with meds and said come back in two weeks. Damn, back to Ceiba again. While there I did get in an awesome shopping trip to Mega Paca, woohoo. Two floors of endless clothes. I got a new Trina Turk dress for less than $1.50.

I chose to take the ferry over and back, having done it twice before and survived both times unscathed. This time was the LAST TIME EVER for the afternoon Vomit Comet. I did not puke but I was sick for 24 hours after that ride. I vowed to never ride the afternoon ferry again.

I went back to the dentist in 2 weeks, she took the meds out and packed the canals with cement. It had been feeling quite good. She said at the root of the tooth I had an abscess, that’s why it was so painful. For 3 total hours with an endodontist with the newest greatest equipment, lots of x-rays, and all of the drilling, meds, use of the fancy microscope, it was $260.00. TOTAL.

I flew home the second trip, 15 minutes of absolute desert type heat in an airplane. I would have crawled out on the wing if I could have opened the windows. I was dripping wet when I stepped off the plane and in the time it took to walk to the entrance door, the breeze had blown me dry. It was hell. I couldn’t leave the airport until I got some water. I came home, showered and laid down, the heat on the flight did me in.

Nidia and I went to the Friday ceremony for the microenterprise that the principal at the Froylan school started. It was interesting that the students were so involved and excited to be a part of this and I give all of the credit to Marlon, the principal. He is making leaders out of these kids, giving them responsibilities. I think it’s excellent that he is doing this.

Some of the student group, the others were in the presentation.

Coolers and thermos jugs and cups donated by my sweet friend Julie.

Part of the presentation, nothing beats watching kids dance.

The girls were beautiful, swirling their skirts and dancing with the boys.

It was a fun afternoon, although I only understood about half of it because it was in Spanish.

That night Bill and I went with our group of friends to dinner at Cal’s. It was fabulous as always. I love this group of people, so easy to be around.

The next day I was picking up some ‘hood newbies at the airport. They were coming back with 2 new puppies. Recently they bought a house very close to us and plan to live here full time. I got to the airport early (I was buying the return ticket for my trip from Ceiba) and then hung out and talked with friends, all the time watching for the people I was picking up. I realized after a good wait that they should have been out by now and told Orlando, a friend who works at the airport who I was looking for. At that exact moment, my friend that I was picking up approached me, they had been waiting outside. I felt AWFUL, I should have told them I would be between the bar and the doors. My bad, really felt lame that I did that to them. I got them and all of their luggage and 2 pups in my car and we set off for home. The pups are Cavapoos, King Charles Cavalier and poodle, so stinking cute, Barkley and Lexi. They also have 2 island dogs that came with the house.

The next day we had my friend Aida and her husband and 3 kids up for chicken fajitas and some pool time. The kids had a great time and we got to visit with David and Aida for the afternoon.

Aida called her friend who is staying at their house and told him to go out on the porch and look up. They live down in the valley below us. They were waving to each other.

David said every time the kids go outside now, they look up at our house. They have 3 very nice, extremely polite, well behaved children, and cute? Oh my, can’t stand the cuteness. Wish I had taken photos.

The week I was scheduled to do several things with new friends didn’t go as planned, as often happens on the island.  I was to pick up two ladies; one I met through my blog and was introduced to by Chrissann, the creator of Women Who Live on Rocks, and the other other was her friend. They were due to arrive at 11 on Monday and I was meeting them at the cruise ship and giving them a tour of the east end of Roatan, with a stop at La Sirena and Monday’s Don’t Suck. Their boat was detoured to the Cayman’s because of the approaching hurricane. Bummer, I missed Carol and Brenda. And Harvey missed us and destroyed Texas. The devastation is unbelievable. Heart breaking.

On Wednesday I met two new friends at Cal’s for lunch. They know a guy I went to high school with (Larry Vognet for all of you Loyalsock people) and he asked if I would meet with them when they were here. I’m so happy I did, they are awesome people and would make a nice addition to the expat group on the island. We had a nice lunch at Cal’s Cantina and then sat and chatted for awhile. I’m hoping they decide to buy land or a home here.

The next day I was to meet a lady at West Bay and take her snorkeling. She messaged me Thursday morning that she had a terrible earache and didn’t know what to do. I sent her to Anthony’s Key clinic, they have good doctors and deal with a ton of ear issues with all the divers @ AKR.  She messaged me later on saying she got excellent care and was grateful for me steering her in the right decision. Swimmer’s ear is not fun.

On Friday night we met our dinner group at Aroma, an Indian restaurant in the mall, of all places. The owners could not possibly be nicer and their food is yummy. It was a great meal, I ate every speck of food.

The last several days have been hot and sunny so I have been poolside with a book and a scattering of dogs. And quite honestly, I really enjoy the days I’m home and can hang with the boys and Lola, the showgirl.

My friend Trish messaged me that she had rescued an iguana from some kids who probably would have killed it. She asked me what she should do with it. I called Gale Carter, she’s an Arch and she runs Arch’s Iguana farm. She said take it to the farm and put it in the pen with the other under 2 year old iguanas. They need to be protected until they are big enough to not be easy prey. I met Trish and Fred there with the captive iguana. We took him down to the cage and the guy put him inside, after telling us he was only a few days old.

Trish and her friend

He’s in the cage for 2 years, then he will be set free like the other 3500+ iguanas at the farm.

These are the coolest critters around. Mini dinosaurs.

The other day I spotted another (may be the same) iguana in the papaya tree. Oh how I love these things.

I don’t know if being self conscious is an emotion Iguanas have but if so, I’m sure my staring and constant watch made him a tad bit pissed off. I did NOT attempt to touch or grab him, just visual observation. What a stunning creature.

Why can’t I be colored like that?

I’m in love with a lizard foot.

If you spit out seeds, they will grow. Now we can’t cut the grass where they are because we may disturb them.

Enough papaya for all the iguanas in the ‘hood.

Two watermelons growing now. So are the weeds and the grass.

Alexi came to visit the other day and Bill noticed a baby iguana on the fence. We had Alexi grab it and they took it to the iguana farm and put it in the cage.

Alexi carried the baby iguana for the 15 minute ride to Arch’s.

Alexi is an islander, he used to hunt iguanas until we had a serious talk with him about it. While at the iguana farm he was actually afraid to walk into a group of the big iguanas laying on the ground. He’s 18, lived here his whole life and it was the first time he ever went there.  I find that fascinating, especially since I have been there 50 times in 4 years and have learned to allow them to crawl and lay on my sandaled feet.

On Sunday there was a Reef House party. I have not been for awhile and knew all of my friends would be there. I needed to go. We all met at Jessie’s dock, there were 17 of us. I called Keith to let him know there was a big group so he sent a big boat. My friend Joel was playing that day. I met Joel when I lived here alone in 2012, nice guy and he has a great voice.

So beautiful at the Reef House.

Joel and Pam’s hubby, Pete.

Joel, Pam and Marti

Great crowd for the day!

Group photo

Steps into the water, the last one is slipperier than ice.

The Duchess, Jeanie and Chris. Chris lives on the beach just east of MDS beach.

Susan and I being goofy. I think I have found a new shenanigan partner in Susan. Marcia is looking at me like I’m nuts.

We dropped Andrew off at The Happy Landing in Oak Ridge, I love their sign.

The day after I came back from my last dental appointment I started having pain in my cheek. I whatsapp’d the Doctor and she said she wanted to see me again. Another trip to the mainland. Just about that time my friend Kelly messaged me to say she was coming to the island. I told her I had to go to Ceiba and she asked if she could go with me, I said sure. I ran into the airport and bought 2 return tickets and we met Tuesday at the ferry dock at 6:30 AM. {I have to say that living on this island for 4 years has made me very aware of how much I detest alarm clocks. I am always up by 6, 6:30 but I had to be OUT OF THE HOUSE by 6. UGH.} Usually the night before I can’t sleep, worrying that I won’t get up in time.

The 90 minute ferry ride was calm the whole way. Pablo met us at the ferry terminal and dropped us off at Diunsa. We wandered through a really nice grocery store, and then went into Diunsa when they opened at 9. After that I went to the dentist. The dentist said to give my tooth time, it needs to heal. She took an x-ray, said it looked ok, no charge. Kelly and I had a lot of time to spare so we had our driver take us to the mall. We had lunch there, rode the escalators, wandered around looking at all the polyester clothes and high heeled shoes. Then we spent an hour (way too long) in WalMart. It’s nothing like the one in the US. After that we had Pablo take us to the airport for our flight home.

During Kelly’s and my messages I told her about the insane heat on the airplane so she ordered us each one of these.

It’s a rechargeable misting fan. Plugs into your cell phone charger. We filled them with water after we were through security and we were the only 2 people on the plane not drenched in sweat. I’m pretty sure the guy who was melting across the aisle from me hated both of us.

Tuesday night I went to bed at 8 PM and woke at 6:30 the next morning, finally a nice long sleep.

Today Bill and I are meeting Kelly along with a builder, then this evening Bill and I are going to Cal’s with some people we met there several months ago. They just purchased land near where Kelly did and they want to pick our brains. Tomorrow eve we are going to Cal’s again with Kelly. She wants to go to the sloth farm earlier in the day so we’ll do that when my cleaning lady is done and then we’ll go eat.

It looks like there is another tropical storm/hurricane forming in the eastern Caribbean, here’s hoping it gets disorganized and flitters off into nothing.

Just a few random shots before I take a cup of tea down to the pool with the dogs.

Teri posted this photo of Frito the other night. She is doing wonderfully and is happy and loved in her new home.

My friend Terry always finds the best jokes and it’s uncanny how they resemble my life.

My grandgirls, Alexah starts high school and Chloee starts middle school. I can’t believe how grown up they are!

Life is just zooming by us, not matter what we do. I’ve decided to enjoy the time I have left as much as I can, you never know when it’s going to be over.

I have lots of Melothria scabra


08/11/2017  A few of you will understand the above quote. A lesson learned.

Today around 1 PM my friend Kelly messaged me a photo of her electric bill. Obviously to make me feel better, however she lives where it’s really damn hot, Arizona and has to run A/C 24/7, 100 KW a day. We use 400 KW a month. We started messaging, by 3:30PM she had agreed to purchase a lot in an area she and I looked at (that is 15 min from me) when she was here (she brought all the flip flops). By 5 PM we had a builder and a project manager and by 5:30 a design, plus I introduced her to 2 of her neighbors via FB. That’s what I accomplished today.

AND I found out I have:

Melothria scabra growing. Don’t panic, it’s not contagious. It’s an incredible, small cucumber-like fruit that’s shaped like baby watermelons. They are good added to salads or can be pickled. They have a cucumber-like taste with a touch of lemon. Some people call them sour gherkin cucumbers. The ornamental vines have tiny leaves and flowers and are perfect for the cottage garden. (mine don’t have flowers, though they may have and we now have fruit, only an observation, don’t hold me to it). YAY.

We already have people coming up trying to grab some of our coconuts, seems our one tree is special. They have to go through Lola to get a coconut. That’s NOT going to happen. Now they will be coming for miniature watermelons. Wonderfreakingful. I’ll set up a stand at the bottom of the driveway. Bite sized watermelons that taste like cucumbers. That’s what my sign will say. Oh and I have not rushed to taste one because two islanders said they were poisonous.

Josh says they are not poisonous so I’ll soon be wealthy and able to afford $6.00 a bottle wine, the good shit. Sorry for the crappy photos of the cukes, it was with my phone. And, I’m lazy.

I’ve been looking at my recent Pinterest saves and you guys, I really scare myself. I’ve determined I want different color and style of hair, indicated by my Pinterest saves. I would need a total hair transplant to achieve this hairdo that I so desire. Such a quandry.

Bill spotted this guy in the tree last week. I took over 200 shots in 3 days. He was so beautiful.

Then a few days later Lola was sitting at our huge window at the tops of the stairs and she started barking like crazy. There was another iguana inside of the fence. I got a few shots of her, (a pregnant female) before she crawled through the fence.

I know this was a preggo female because I asked Sam Arch and he said, yes. He’s never wrong.

This is a male anole. Pretty thing, they are everywhere. I even found one sitting on my soap dish in the bathroom.

Then I saw a baby iguana in the papaya tree but by the time I got my camera, it was gone.

Today I was speaking with the Duchess’s husband on the phone and spied the iguana in the tree. I said good-bye and ran for the camera. This guy didn’t like me around at first and tried to get far away. He was standing on 2 papaya branches, balancing in the breeze. I managed to get some good shots. This was a different one, not as large as the other male in the tree.

Fabulous creature, I’m so intrigued by them.

On the top of the papaya tree.

Smaller but just as detailed.

It’s been a lizardly week for me, I can’t seem to stay away from the papaya tree and all the awesome things I find in it.

My dog’s favorite food, Cicadas.

Nidia and I did one last day of TOM’S at the public schools yesterday. We met at Politilly at 8:30 and fit the kinder and then the older students from Pedro Nufio came over and we fit them. Alexi’s nephew, Osman goes to the kinder and his brother Ephrain goes to Pedro Nufio. When I got there, Osman wasn’t there. I asked the teacher where he was and she didn’t know but sent a girl to go find him. Soon after he whizzed past me and into the school. I was in the doorway listening to them singing a song, I had my sunglasses on. Click HERE to see and hear the kids singing.

Osman kept looking at me so I took my glasses off and his eyes got really big! Just about that time I felt a tugging on my shirt and there was Ephrain, not in school clothes. His mother Shelly and sister Juliana were with him. I asked why he wasn’t in school and his mom said the teacher didn’t like his haircut. There was not a damn thing wrong with his haircut.

This is Ephrain. You tell me what part of his hair the teacher could complain about? It’s not like they are at a magna cum laude school either. Come on.

He wanted to take photos while we did shoes, so I gave him my camera. He’s played with mine before when he came over swimming and also played with Julie’s, same cameras, he knew how to operate it.

Right before I gave him the camera.


I hugged and kissed Ephrain and Osman so many times that the other kids were asking for hugs and kisses, no idea how many kids I kissed, but they were all adorable.

His mom is on the closest end in the blue shirt and no I won’t capitalize the word mom for her. I’m amazed she helped. I should be grateful, I am. Almost. I know too much.

He must have liked this fence, he took so many photos of it.

I had control of the camera for the next few. This is Osman, Ephrain’s nephew. I adore him.

Cute little girls.

So pretty, I love her eyes.

This is most of the Pedro Nufio crowd.

After we were done I approached Ephrain’s teacher. I told her who I was but she said wait, and called in a translator. Miss Kendra came in to translate. Turns out Ephrain couldn’t go to school because his mother didn’t turn in paperwork. I pleaded with the teacher not to punish Ephrain for his mother’s lack of interest in his education, it’s not his fault. He loves school and it’s the only break he gets from his miserable home life, he wants to learn, he’s a smart little boy. When I was done begging, with tears in my eyes, the teacher relented and said Ephrain could return to school. I went out to find him to tell him he could go to school and he was holding on to my car door, convinced he was leaving with me.

I couldn’t take him, we were going to the Instituto Honduras, a big school in Jonesville.

The building at the top of the steps going up to the school. It says Sat’s See Gym.

Unusual chairs. When we were finished and packing to leave, there was a large group of students milling around here. I realized they were waiting for their boat rides home and could see the boats approaching from there.

The first time I ever helped with TOM’S shoes (2015) we fit the kids in Pandytown. This little boy, Derek, was my first and he hugged me before he even sat down. I have since learned he is also a favorite of my friend Francie (she helped teach English at his school and does other work around the island teaching, she’s a lady of many skills). I’ve seen him at Christmas parties in Fiddler’s Bight but not again for shoes. I spoke with him today and actually got to fit him with shoes. Derek is an adorable young man, good parenting. He, Osman and Ephrain made my day.

There was an unending number of students and they were not very co-operative.

The stilt master. This dude was good!

One of the 3 could actually walk on them.

We fit almost 460 kids with new shoes in one day.

As I was leaving I snapped a pic of this boat. I see it often when we take a boat through the mangroves. It’s called Twitter.

Barrio, one of the 3 brothers we kept.

Gringo, my hunka hunka burning love. Brother # 2

And Max. Maximillion, Maxillicious, Maxie the bad boy of the group. The expensive one. Brother #3.

From Cal’s Cantina last Friday night. The food was excellent, as always. Going there again tomorrow night with the gang.

We have had some dark stormy nights here this last week. Almost every night the sky is lighting up around us. A few dogs and I sat on the roof tonight, I was enthralled with the light show surrounding me. On the roof we have an approximate 320 degree view, it was phenomenal. I felt so freaking tiny, like just a speck. The 2 dogs went down, there weren’t enough of them up there to carry on. It was just me and the lightning. Kind of surreal and I felt vulnerable.

The moon the other night. I often wonder what moon people are like? Do they wear bras?

Well, it’s a marvelous night for a moondance…..

Perfect night for a dip.

Hanging on the roof

The dogs love it up here.

All of the boys. Barrio usually has a toy in hs mouth. He sticks it in Highway’s face, whines and shakes his butt. Highway gets so mad he bares ALL of his teeth, then he snaps at him. It’s really annoying because Barrio is loud.


Butts and tails

Last few pics then I’m off to sleep. Have to be at a school at 1 for the Microenterprise dedication, {at Froylan school} they are doing the dedication of the new ice chest and thermos and reusable cups, donated by Julie (AZCK). When I leave there I’ll go size the children at Cattleya for shoes. Saturday I am picking our friends up at the airport, along with their two new puppies. And on Sunday we are having a family who lives below us and their 3 kids up for a pool day and lunch. I’ve met Aida a few times at the airport and although I feel like I know her husband, I don’t.

If you are from Williamsport (my hometown) and happened to see the magazine, West Branch Life, that comes out with the paper 4 times a year, there was a story about the Summer of Love. If you read that story (came out beginning of August with the Sun Gazette) and wondered if you might know who “Carol” really was.

You do.

Rocking Punta Gorda, island style

#1 to Christ, #2 to husband, #3 family....

08/04/2017 The third annual East End Senior dinner was a huge success. It was held on July 26th at Henry’s Cove in Punta Gorda. Initially it was going to be down at the marina there, which is a lovely setting but the morning of the event it was starting to rain, with rain in the forecast. We decided to move it back up to the dining hall where it was held the first year. This event is amazing and it wouldn’t happen without the help of Live Again Ministries. This is the 3rd year I’ve worked with Nidia and Because We Care, and Live Again Ministry has supported us all the way, financially, emotionally and lovingly. This group comes to this island and every time they have to go home, they leave a little piece of their heart tucked somewhere on Roatán. I know this to be true, I see it in their faces. I see it in the faces of the people they touch. Mighty fine people.

The boss Nidia and Ryan, from LAM. His mother and sister were here with him during his second week of this visit, his son Cordel was with him the whole two weeks.

Susan, Toni and Mac setting up the outside tables. People were sitting there but once it started storming we got them all inside. Cramped, but well fed and dry.

Baskets of love

This luncheon was one for the books. It was an epic event. The weather didn’t co-operate, but we didn’t let that put a stop to the fun. This was the liveliest, most fun party I’ve been to, especially one that was all seniors.
The people began arriving early, all of them eager to see friends they haven’t seen since last year. They were served water and drinks while the band played and they mingled amongst each other.

My friends, starting top L in bright blue: Susan, (Ryan’s sister and my new friend) Fred in flowered shirt, Susan with her back to us, Trish in front of her (Fred’s wife) and next to Susan in a dark shirt is my other new friend Carrie. Carrie was on vacation but still came to work her tail off, get rained on and have a great time.

The guests arriving

Sitting on the back porch, overlooking the hill down to the marina.

These are all the baskets we made up. They are each filled with $50.00 worth of food. There were 40 of them and the money was raised to buy them.

We had hundreds of pairs of new readers brought down by LAM so Nidia asked Miss Peggy if she had any volunteers to help ensure the people got the correct lens for their needs. This was amazing, every single person got new readers they could actually see with. There were 2 young adults and a father with 2 daughters. There were wonderful and I think they provided a really fantastic contribution to all of the attendees.

Two adults being checked. They had books for them to read so they could get the most beneficial lens.

This little girl, yeah, I would have kept her. She was so into what she was doing, she oozed personality. Her dad says she’s 11 and is either whining or focused. Today she was incredible.

I am sorry I didn’t get a photo of Miss Catherine and myself this year. Miss Catherine is my favorite island lady, she is so beautiful, inside and out. She is my friend Daine’s Mother and is a true island gem.

Enjoying their meal

The first course of the meal was soup, then onto a big plate of food. Afterwards there was ice cream and they all took home cake and a rice pudding.
We had drawings throughout the day, people won trips on the Galaxy Wave Ferry to La Ceiba, 2 nice foam pillows were won by many and some others won baskets of food. The oldest person from each community was also given a food basket with $50.00 worth of food in it.
So many wonderful things happened that day.

Our musicians had the place rocking, especially when they played “Kick the Devil Out.” All it took was these two volunteers to get the music in them and they had the whole place feeling it.

Christopher and Clarence, the dancing machines

If the people weren’t up dancing, they were chair dancing. Some of them didn’t walk to where they were going, they danced. It was fabulous. Even the beautiful minister from Helene was dancing!

When the party was over and it was time to go home they were given ball caps, handkerchiefs for men and women, washcloths, toothpaste, so many nice gifts for them.
The smiles on their faces as they left told the story of the day. They reconnected with old friends, saw neighbors they rarely see, they sang and danced and were waited on and pampered, as they all so deserve.

Without Nidia and BWC and Live Again Ministries, all of our donors and all of the volunteers, it wouldn’t have happened.

I was so tired when I got home I had stove top stuffing for dinner, (my friend Trish asked if I cooked it) showered and went to bed.

So happy to have met Nidia, she is the most energizing person I know. She gets things done despite any obstacles she may face. I will be alongside her helping however I can, as will the Live Again Ministry group. They are an amazing group of people, Roatan loves you. Once again Pastor Ronny, this one’s for you. You’re the best and were missed this year.

The Fourth Annual Senior’s Luncheon is something I am looking forward to already.