The Perv’ of Burkesville

03/25/2023  Another month is gone. This was a fun March for Bill and I. We were looking forward to Trace and Jackies’ visit all of February. We spent the week before they arrived working to get things looking nice.

The guest room turned out nice, I like the color. Trace thinks it’s too dark.

I baked way too much and subsequently ate way too much. I went overboard on the fruit too, but that’s OK, I eat a lot of fruit and so do Barrio and Max. It didn’t go to waste.

There is also a pineapple…

We had typical March weather, cool and cloudy. The day after they arrived we went to Mike’s Landing on Dale Hollow Lake. I had not been there before but Bill and Jerry rode their motorcycles there last September. This time of year, the restaurant was closed and there wasn’t very much activity. It would be great fun to rent a pontoon boat, or even have a houseboat. I really want to kayak there too, the lake gets warm enough and is one of the clearest lakes in the US.

Disturbing statistic.
Party boat central
This is a big floating house. If we rented one I would need to take the dogs, but dogs are not allowed, so we won’t be renting one.

On Saturday we went to Creelsboro Arch. I had no clue what to expect as I didn’t bother to check it out prior to going. I was along for the ride.

This is called the Rock House @ Creelsboro Arch. It’s a 300 million-year-old natural limestone arch. The story says there is an Indian burial ground atop the arch. I was mildly interested in coming back and climbing up to the top. Only 2 things stopped me: SNAKES and SNAKES. The water on the far side of the arch is the Cumberland River.
Trace and Jackie

I look pissed, I wasn’t, really.
We were chatting with some young kids who were smashing rocks. Some of them had crystals in them. We managed to find a few.
Only a few small crystals. There is a place in Marrowbone, (told you we lived in the boonies) a few miles from here, that sells geodes.

After there we went back the way we came so we could stop at Campbell’s Country Store. They had the most variety I have ever seen of flavored sodas. They were $2.00 a bottle. I’m not a soda fan at all but this was quite impressive. And the candy, that I could have done some damage on.

If they didn’t have it, it doesn’t exist.
This old nail/screw bin still rotated. Very cool.
Trace was finishing his ice cream cone.
And I was falling in love with the entrance. The building was built in 1876. There was a stack of old Life magazines by the bench at the front door.

They had a restaurant in the other half of the building. Pretty cool place.

Sunday was a rainy dreary do-nothing day and that’s pretty much what we all did. There’s not a whole lot to do around this area when it’s cool and rainy. I read, never was much into TV.

Jackie had a 7AM flight out of Nashville on Monday so she was up and ready to go at 3:30AM. Bill and I got up to say goodbye to her and then I couldn’t go back to sleep worrying about her driving at that hour and the crappy weather. It wasn’t a big deal to her though, and she made it to the airport with time to spare. We were sorry to see her go but so happy she took time out of her busy life to come and meet us. I told Trace that she’s a keeper. We look forward to seeing her again and we would love to meet her boys, Jacob and Julian. They are 9 & 12.

The rest of the next two weeks are kind of a blur. Bill was working on building garden boxes for me and Trace was painting the lizards, fixing the sign,

I bought this at an antique store and the price sticker was on the front and left a mark. Trace repainted it so the mark is gone.

and painting my mermaid light. Bill’s sister Kathy bought me the mermaid light. It was all creamy white colored. Trace painted it and it looks great.

The lizards we bought at Conchita’s in Loreto, BCS and carried them home on the plane. They moved to Roatan with us but the climate in Roatan ruins pretty much everything metal and leather. Bill moved the lizards back to AZ but they stayed in the crate. After all of this traveling, they came to KY with us too. Knowing that Trace was coming, Bill pulled them out and sanded them, and primed them so they were ready for Trace’s artistic magic.

The gray is the primer.
I bought metallic acrylic paints.
They turned out great, there are 2 of them.
Up close, now I need to decide where to hang them.
Bill bought lumber to build flower/veggie boxes for me. Trace helped him finish them. There is still one more to build.
Always a dog…..

I have been asking Trace for a few more paintings, specifically the girl with the sea creatures. He brought her down and also the one with the snakes. I still need one more to balance the wall. We are going to get these framed.

This has been a favorite of mine for years. He was working on this in 2013.
Despite loathing snakes, I love this.
I need one more under Edward Scissorhands. All the artwork is by Trace.

Highway, AKA, the Perv’ of Burkesville or brother humper, was thrilled to see Trace. When I moved back to WA. (from Roatan) with Highway, Trace walked Highway daily after Dooce broke my ankle. Highway for sure remembered Trace, Max was fine with Jackie and Trace also but Barrio was still very timid and nervous.

Highway has many issues but the one that irks me the most is, he will NOT stop humping Barrio. It drives me bonkers and I’m sure Barrio isn’t really into it either. I mean, who would be?? I know it’s a domineering thing but come on, it’s getting old.

Trace and the humper.
I love the way Max is looking at Trace. Don’t mind the different paint colors on the wall, I bought samples and hated them all.
Highway is such a pain in the butt. When anyone comes up the driveway he starts with this high-pitched whine that sounds like a 9-year-old girl screaming. Horrible.
My bulbs were up and partially opened when we got a hard frost, it was 15 degrees.
I covered them with what I could find. I’m surprised any of them flowered.
Now that it’s not super frigid the rest of the bulbs are peeking out of the soil.
Barrio, my hunter.
Coming out of the upper field where we walk the dogs.
Max and Barrio. Man, I miss Gringo so so much.

We’re getting the pool ready, not sure why Bill decided to do it when it’s still cold, but he did. Yesterday Max wanted to go swimming. Bill tried to set the steps in but they were floating. They have to fill up with water, then we have to use weights under them to keep them down. Max almost used the floating steps and went it, Gringo would have been in immediately. That dog loved to swim. I still can’t believe my boy is gone.

These three love this spot, they can see all over the front fields and the driveway. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. Highway likes to bark.

We are expecting high winds tonight, then the weather is going to change and be summer-like again. I’m ready for that. Tomorrow morning I’m starting my seeds in the plugs that I bought. I hope by the time they are ready to plant that we have soil in the boxes.

I’ve never used these before. Fingers crossed.

Topsoil, that’s something else on the to-do list. It just keeps getting longer.

Wishing everyone a spring-like April, I, for one, am ready.






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