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Dec 2, 2018 Long time, no type. I’ve been so bored with my lack of a life that I had no words to put on a blog. To say I’ve been home all the time is not an exaggeration. I have been out to eat a few times but that’s it. I’ve been to the grocery store once in 2 months. That itself speaks volumes.

As I sit here on a Saturday afternoon, staring out at the water, some words slipped in to my head so here I am.

Quick update: my foot is still swollen, I was in a cast for 3 weeks, supposed to take it easy for a week and then be good to go. Nope, was no better. I went to an orthopedic Doc from the US (he lives here), he said Celebrex for 2 weeks, no improvement. I plan to go see a specialist on the mainland as soon as I can get in. Enough of this crap, it pisses me off big time. It will be 3 months Dec. 6th.

I have been spending a lot of time by the pool or in bed, resting the foot, so I’ve been reading. I read a book based on a true story called The Radium Girls. It’s unbelievable because it’s true. I just finished Flowers for Algernon and am starting one called Magnolia about Chip and Joanna Gaines. I’ve also been binge watching House Hunters International, Fixer Upper and Caribbean Life, along with my favorite TV show, Modern Family. Although my TV watching is always in the evening, unless it’s raining. Of course, when it rains our internet has not been working so I couldn’t watch anything. The internet company has been here 4 times in one month because we have been without internet for 24 hours each time. So ridiculous. I know, first world problems but dammit, WIFI is not too much to ask for is it? The internet provider blames it on the electric company but I can’t complain about the electric company, they’re not that bad. We’re on an island, I’m amazed we even have electricity.

We finally got the house painted. The old paint is the dull green on the left. It’s now fresh and bright green and I love it. The guys who painted it did a really nice job.

You can see the rain falling out of the sky.

A few weeks ago the power went out at 8:30 PM or so, I went to the window and looked out to see if the colonia below us was out. It was dark down there but there was a huge ball of red further east. It was a BIG fire. I posted on Roatan 911 that there were big flames coming from Politilly, several others had posted also. Bill walked into the bedroom when the power went out and we just stood there and watched the flames grow until there was a red trail floating skyward. It was awful watching it. We were told the fire may have been intentionally set by a woman mad at her daughter. Regardless of the reason, 3 houses were destroyed 2 more severely damaged. Many people are homeless. They will rebuild the homes ASAP.

The dogs are a lot of company as they follow me everywhere I go and beg for any speck of food I put in my mouth. Highway has been spending most of the time downstairs if Bill is out of the house. I get too exhausted telling him to be quiet all day long. He’s a whiner and a yapper and he is an instigator. With him downstairs it’s really quiet up here. When he gets all wound up he sounds like the 3 Stooges making their weird noises all at the same time. He does this over emergencies (a watusa or an armadillo in the yard) that do not warrant that reaction. In a nano second I have 5 hysterical dogs. Downstairs for the win.

This duo of Armadillos was moved to an area far away from us.

They allow me a small space to sleep. I’ll never own nice bedding again. They so own me.

Barrio is my Zen dog. He gets out of the pool and STOPS. He just stands still for 10-15 seconds, sometimes his eyes go closed. He totally experiences the feeling of the water running off of his body, he digs it. Lola, in the background, HATES the pool with a PASSION. To her it’s a large water bowl.

Cone head again. He seems to have grown what looks like a second butt hole. No clue what it is, not exactly like Gringo’s tail hole. Island dogs…He’s been on meds, it looks much better. Let me say, I don’t look, that’s Bill’s job. We took his cone off today, keeping an eye on Barrio. He seems to have a Highway butt fetish. Dogs are really gross.

They were looking for turkeys. I especially like their reflections in the pool.

Bill was slamming doors the morning I took this. There were dogs running and jumping on the bed. I was all, WTH is going on, it’s not time for me to get up, but I did, mainly to find out what was going on. Bill wanted to take a shower and the RATS/ mice? had once again chewed the hot water heater wires. Bastards. They have invaded my car again too and there is no food in my car at all. They are eating the rug floor mats in my car.

Click HERE for a video about the Founder of TOMS shoes, he was on Jimmy Fallon. It’s quite a powerful video considering gun violence is on the rise. Please watch the video.

I signed on to FB the other morning and there was a post from my friend Julie in Alabama. Julie and her husband and kids have been to the island, stayed here a few times and I know the kids too. Julie’s Mom had her two daughters at the mall shopping holiday sales. They were walking in the mall when a fight broke out between 2 boys. One had a gun and started shooting, a bullet struck my friends daughter Molly in the back. Thankfully, she is physically OK, no major damage, just that she will have a bullet in her back forever. I hope that she and her sister (and grandmother) can recover from this horrific accident emotionally. The fact that you can’t be in the mall, doing yoga, at a dance or a concert and be safe says a lot about the state of the US. Something needs to be done about these crazy shootings. Sign the TOMS petition, easy and free and doing something is better than doing nothing.

My friend the Duchess has owned a home on the island for a long time, she spends 3 months here, then back to the states, then here again, several times a year. She’s seen a lot of stuff happen, to her and to others that are illegal in most normal places. In the past year there have been several home robberies. They have the kid on video, everyone knows who it is but nobody does anything about it. The main criminal has kids under 18 do the dirty work because there is no prosecution whatsoever if you are under 18. These kids are getting brazen and out of control. The communities got together to discuss what could be done to stop the thieves. The Duchess was sitting at the meeting with another friend, a male, who has also been here a long time. Said male is very happily married and has been for years. As they sat awaiting things to get going a young girl who is related to one of the thieves was being very boisterous. She told our male friend that she was available. He tried his best to respond with a serious face. She then noticed his wedding ring and she said, “Oh, you married?” He shook his head and said “Yes I am.” Always a gentleman. She responded by saying, “I don’t care, I’m still available.” I would have been on the floor in hysterics. As the meeting began and people were discussing the issues at hand this girl continued to yell and talk loudly, totally disrupting the whole meeting. People had enough of her and threw her out and locked the doors of the school they were in. She continued to bang on the windows, cursing and screaming so loudly that the meeting became worthless. She then managed to find a way in and came at the group leader with a pen in her hand, held like a dagger. The woman speaking saw her coming and grabbed a desk and smashed it into her. At that point people got up and started to leave, not much was sorted out at all. You can’t make this shit up. As the island turns.

We had a nice Thanksgiving with friends at the Pineapple Grill. Yvonne, who I met Christmas eve, 2013, got a group of 20 people together. Big mistake for me was they had a huge salad bar and I adore salad bars, so when the heaping plateful of food came I could eat about 1/3 of it. It was delicious and fun getting out and seeing people. Not fun having to walk to get in there though, in all reality, Bill should have carried me.

Someone in the colonia below us is setting off firecrackers. I have no clue why as Nov. 24th signifies nothing as a holiday for the islanders. Maybe they are practicing for Christmas. Nothing goes better with baby Jesus than firecrackers?? {I see no correlation whatsoever.} Barrio has decided he does not like the sound of firecrackers so he follows me around like he’s attached to my ankles. He’s laying on my feet under my desk as I type. Bigger firecrackers going off now. And I guess I missed the fireworks at the beach below us. I also missed the wedding (which I was invited to) that was held there and that was the reason for the fireworks, totally forgot about it.

My shadow

My eye was bothering me the other morning and it looked a little red so I went to the doggie meds drawer and found an unopened bottle of Tobramycin eye drops. Nothing like diagnosing yourself. Hope the drops make whatever it is go away. THEN, I was out by the pool reading and got stung by a horsefly type creature. They are triangle shaped and they really hurt if they get you. The dogs chase them and try to eat them so I chase the dogs and don’t let them eat them. I killed several that landed on me and didn’t get stung but this one got me good. He’s dead now. I called Bill and asked him to stop and get me wine because my eye was infected and a bee stung me. Seemed like a logical reason to need wine. Two bottles. One for my eye and one for my knee.

I am the admin on a few FB pages for Roatan and it’s become a joke with my band of friends on the island (guys) to say, Just Ask Debbie. Not only did they make a Google page for me, nice isn’t it??

They also did this. Never a dull moment here, sometimes I feel like a referee.

Remember Alexi, the young boy we have helped? He was in the Bomberos (fire department) for 2 years but they were not paying him so he is working for Bulldog Security. Happy he has a good job, not many young men do. I’m sure Bill’s influence on him has a lot to do with his success. Alexi has a sister Juliana and she has a son, Osman, a sister Jessica and a brother Ephrain. Ephrain has become Bill’s sidekick. Ephrain is not allowed to go to the school 2 minutes from his home because the teachers hate his mother and claim he is white. He’s not. Therefore, he has to take a taxi to school that is 15 min away. Most of the time his family is to meet him to ride home but they never do, they depend on Bill to pick him up. Actually, Ephrain is flunking because he misses so much school, they are too lazy to get him up to go. The other day Jessica sent Bill a photo of Osman and said he was sick. The one side of his face is all swollen. Bill told her he needed to go to a Doctor and she said Juliana won’t take him, she doesn’t care. Bill went and got him and picked up half the damn family for the joy ride to the clinic. They saw him then we took him back again to see the pediatrician. They said it is not a dental issue, it’s in his cheek. We went to their home yesterday to check on him and it’s not any better. I contacted my friend Miss Peggy who runs Clinic Esperanza. They have a very good pediatrician there so Bill took him this morning. Peggy had notified the clinic that we were coming and Osman got immediate attention when they got there. We are still waiting to find out what is going on with him. I just don’t get it. I take better care of my dogs than some people do of their children. Juliana is afraid she may have to spend $$ on Osman and she will not do that, probably because she knows that we will take care of him.

UPDATE on Osman. Bill went to get him this morning and his Mother wanted to go because she wanted to do something fun, she didn’t care about Osman. Bill told her NO. She said he was mean. It’s a good thing I wasn’t there, I would have defined mean for her, a mother who cares nothing for her children is mean. Anyhow, Osman had blood work done and something is going on. The doctor said it is a mass in his cheek so tomorrow back to Vessels of Mercy to get an ultrasound. Poor kid.

This is Osman, notice his left cheek.

Ephrain, Alexi’s younger brother

Bill and his buddy.

Jefferson, he and his family just moved in with Ephrain’s family.

A new construction on the way down to Miguel’s.

Doggie working on a sun tan.

This is the property that Bill is overseeing the development of, our friend Miguel is the watchie and head of the construction crew.

Two big docks

This is so gorgeous.

These guys are making charcoal. They build a metal shed and set the wood on fire, any kind works. Then they cover it with wet leaves and let it smolder until it’s charcoal. Back breaking work for sure.

I have a cleaning girl here. She started in the bathroom at 8:15, she was still in there at 10:30 and she brought me a handful of expired medicines. OMG. I want her to move in and never leave. I’ll be afraid to even walk in there it’s so clean. She’s going to be a regular here, I might even see if she’ll move in. She came back the second day and worked another 8 hours in the living room and downstairs. This girl has a permanent job!

It’s Sunday, I have a trip to Tegus early tomorrow to see a doc about my foot. Second time to the land of plenty murders and to land on one of the 10 most dangerous runways in the world. I do have more things to share but I will save them because it’s taken me about 2 weeks to get this together. I promise, it won’t be another month until I blog again. Stay tuned.


I’d rather dodge bullets than potholes



1/4/2018 First time typing or even thinking 2018. It’s here and I’m already another year older (yesterday)! I haven’t been doing much except for a few Christmas parties for the kids and a couple get togethers with friends so I thought I would share some island revelations. Instead of NY resolutions, I mean, really WTH are they? Does anyone REALLY do them? I think not.

Revelation #1. So, how many of you check the toilet before you sit down on it? We are a lid down family. Always down, I like it that way except for the one or two times in my life that I had too much to drink and forgot. I lift the lid and I check the bowl. Every. Single. Time. You ask why? Well, I’ve read about snakes coming up the pipes and being in toilets and I read about a lady that sat down to pee and a frog jumped up and hit her in the butt. I’m telling you if I ever saw a snake in my toilet or a frog touched my butt, it would be the last time I ever peed. EVERRRR. I would just blow up in a weeks time and explode all over creation. I did not make that a NY resolution. Actually I don’t think I ever in my life made one (well, one that I kept anyhow).

Revelation # 2. I hate, detest, abhor Geckos. I don’t care how cute anyone thinks they are, I hate them. Honest, given my choices and I know I’ve said this before, I would prefer a 4′ iguana in my house rather than a 4″ gecko. They give me the major creeps. They can all die or relocate to a different island and I’ll be cool with it.

Revelation # 3. I do not handle having no internet or a non or poorly functioning laptop/tablet well. It’s my boiling point. It makes me crazier than I already am.

Revelation # 4. I no longer am a shopper. Living on Roatan has put an end to that. My needs are little, my wants are nil, it’s so simple and easy. I never was one for designer handbags, personally don’t like them, just not my style. My handbag is a Keene that I got at Mega Paca for $3.00 and it’s perfect. It’s waterproof and I can wipe the mud off of it with no worries of stains.

Revelation # 5. I wear my day clothes to bed. ALL THE TIME. Usually a dress and undies, that’s my go to at home wear and many days I crawl into bed in the same clothes I wore all day. The epitome of laziness. That’s me.

and last but not least: #6. I blow dry my razor. If I don’t it’s good for one shave only. It turns into such a rust heap that it’s a definite source of lockjaw. So towel dry, blow dry, cover and store out of the shower.

OK, done with revelations, I could go on but it may get disturbing to some so I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

Nidia and I did 2 Christmas parties for the kids this year, back to back. The first was in an area we went to the very first year we helped Nidia, in 2014. It’s called Brass Hill but Bill thought she was saying Brazil so we now refer to it as Brazil. It is a very very poor part of the island. The majority of the children do not go to school, most of them don’t have shoes.

Our very own tropical flip flop wearing Santa, AKA Sully.

Everyone got a Santa hat

One of the local homes

Fridge/ bench, it’s versatile.

The Queen Bee, Nidia, getting the group organized. Sort of.

These children are so beautiful. This one loved Santa, she was beside him all day.

Checking the list..naughty or nice. Not really, we had a list of kids that would get gifts.

Happy kids, toys and candy

My idea of a selfie.

Our motley crew, Nidia, David, Nicola and Charlie (David’s sweet kids) Sully and me. And my antlers light up!

Me with a sweet young girl. Francie, I have on our top.

Santa going back to his sleigh, errr, truck.

This was on a Friday and the next day we were having the big party in downtown Coxen Hole. It was held at The Merry Inn Seaman Club. I had seen the signs but never been inside the building. I had to park a couple blocks away and luckily brought my rain coat, even though it was a sunny day. It was a wise move on my part. Usually I let things like that, or my umbrella in the car.

At one time this was a well known and busy establishment. They are still open, random hours though.

The inside was a museum, the artwork was amazing. I couldn’t believe it. It saddens me that it is being destroyed by the elements. It really should be preserved.

The Pirate history of Roatan was painted on some of the walls. I met the lady who’s uncle did the artwork, he has since passed.

There were 2 cruise ships painted on the walls, fantastic details on them.

Roatan has a huge pirate history.

The bar had all kinds of fish painted on it.

Don’t know what the hell this fish is but I don’t want to meet it.

These were some homes along the building. The far one has an outside sink, which is very common.

There was a cruise ship in port that day

We blew up balloons to make streamers and sliced all the hot dog buns, got the toys ready, waiting for the arrival of Santa. Word got out that he was there and he was mobbed before he even got in the room.

The kids were very excited.

More Santa hats

Santa was swarmed like bees on honey

He could barely walk

This face

Santa gave everyone toys and candy

Me and Nidia

It was getting dark and was pouring buckets and I had to walk to my car. I put my raincoat on, hood up and left the party at 5. It’s an hour drive home, even more in the rain and my windshield is very tinted, making it difficult to see in the dark, I was so exhausted when I got home that I just vegetated on the couch before I went to bed.

The kitchen view on Thanksgiving day.

Newly re-upholstered couch. The ottomans have covers on top of it (it looks wrinkly) to keep the dog hair off of the new upholstery, I can take the cover off to clean it.

I took my curtains down and gave them away. I hated them. I don’t want curtains but Bill does. I haven’t taken the brackets down yet but will before we paint. Once the counter tops are finished, we’ll do the tile back splash and then I’ll choose a color for the walls. One thing at a time.

On Christmas Day we went to our neighbors (a mile away) and had Christmas dinner with other friends. They had their tree decorated.

My friend Yvonne being bartender. Not really, I think she was just getting something to drink.,

Part of the group

Lots of excellent food, turkey and ham and every side dish imaginable.

Dessert table, chocolate rum cake, Italian Cream cake, key lime pie

And Yvonne’s decadent Reese’s bars. I think I ate 8 of them.

The parrots have been around a lot lately. Just the other night a flock of them flew overhead, so noisy. It’s the first I ever saw a flock of them around here.

These two perch in this tree often. They are wild yellow naped parrots.

These two are babies, no yellow on their necks yet.

This is why I can’t have nice bedding, the dogs and the cat. The cat has a thousand tiny holes in the spread from jumping up on the bed a zillion times a day. And the dogs, well, hair..

A friend noticed this dog down by the abandoned pirate ship, she had been feeding her. I went and fed her a few days and started looking for a home for her.

Found out the second day she has an owner and she’s not covered in fleas or ticks so maybe she is OK.

Mom and Dad with the Harry and David cookies I sent them for Christmas. It’s so hard to buy for them at 96 and 92. I just sent them 100 photos of things around the island via Walgreen’s. I type on each photo what it is so they know what they’re looking at.

Currently Chance is visiting them. He arrived last night and is staying with my sister. They are very excited that he is there.

Our eating space the other night for pizza when our friends came over. It didn’t even rain until the rum cake dessert was finished. Lucked out that night.

The other evening the power went out around 6:20. My friend Ann messaged me and said she wonders what the cruise ship people think. They are leaving the island around 6, just getting mid island and the whole island goes dark. Maybe they think we turn the island lights off after the cruise ships leave.

Life has been pretty much stay at home, I honestly do NOT want to go anywhere because the roads are so bad. I have never seen them like this and with the rain we have been having they continue to deteriorate. It’s just not worth it to even go out. Today I’m going in to town because Nidia is finally getting a vehicle and I’m going to meet her at Island Shipping when her new to her car arrives and take photos. She is 40 and has never owned a car and if anyone needs one, she does. A Go Fund Me was started by a friend and raised enough money to buy her some wheels. She is beyond excited, she said never in all of her life did she think she would own a car. I hope she can avoid the damn potholes for awhile until the new Mayor takes office and things change around here.

I’ll end this with a video of an every freaking day occurrence at our house. Barrio always takes this toy and shoves it in Highway’s face while whining, crying, singing, who knows. Watch Gringo’s face (bottom right) at about 20 sec. Highway is the one laying upside down on the dog bed. Click HERE.

Happy New Year everyone.


Getting off the rock








09/14/2017 In a day I’ll be heading north for a visit. It’s finally hit me and I’m still not prepared nor getting close to being ready to go. Denial that I have to leave the boys. I hated leaving my kids and now I hate leaving my dogs.

Not a lot has happened since my last blog so this will be short with more photos than thoughts. I’ve spent more time at home lately and I’ve really enjoyed it. Lounging by the pool reading books, listening to the damn dogs bark every time a leaf drops or a lizard moves.

We have had some gorgeous weather, hot sunny days with a slight breeze, and I’ve taken advantage of it, being in the pool and outside as much as possible.

On Thursday my friends Amy and Barb came over for the day. We hung in the pool and talked and drank wine. A lot of wine. They left at 4:00 and by 4:30 I was in bed. It was 10 PM when I woke up, starving for something to eat and dying of thirst. Bill had cooked bacon (yummy) and I got up and ate all that was left, chugged a lot of water and went back to bed.

The next day I went to my friend Marcia’s to go cruising in her gorgeous new boat. Marcia was learning to drive it so her boat guy, Christian, was with us. We left Carib Bight, headed out to the east. The boat started acting funny when we turned to go left. After a few minutes it stopped moving. Marcia was unable to get it out of neutral. We were at the mouth of Blue Rock, just bobbing along in the sea. Marcia called her boat repair guy and he said he would be coming right away. It sure didn’t take him long to arrive. He crawled onto our boat, took the cover off the engine and saw that the rubber ring on the prop was rotted and the prop wasn’t engaging. At least, that was my take on the situation, boat mechanic I’m not. He towed us to Trico and went to find a prop that would work on the boat.

Marcia’s home

The houses in Czech Village, between Carib Bight and Blue Rock.

Christian and Marcia

So gorgeous here. You can see mainland Honduras in the background.

The boat repair guy testing out his repair.

Marcia and Christian

Love being out on the water

Coming home from a fabulous day

Marcia and I had a few vodka and frescas and split an order of chicken nachos (which were delicious) while we waited. The boat guy came back, switched out the props and once we finished eating we were on our way to BJ’s.

Marcia’s boat is ultra sleek and fast, it’s in pristine condition and I can’t wait to go out with her again. I’m always up for an adventure, especially one on the water.

This is my boy Duke, one of Frito’s pups that Marcia and Dennis have. He is a total love.

Saturday we celebrated Dia Del Nino, Day of the Children, in Flowers Bay. I took our 3 neighbor boys. I have talked about Eddy before, these are his brothers/step brothers who live with their grandparents. All of the boys living there have been deserted by their parents, who have gone off to find better lives for themselves, not caring about the children they have left behind. The boys I took never get to do anything fun, they have never been to the other end of the island. I made sandwiches for them and took water, sprite and chips. The 3 of them were strapped into seat belts in the backseat and were super quiet the whole way there. They had no idea what to expect, parties are not something they go to. Marcos, the oldest, doesn’t swim but Milton and David sure do. The party was on the water and Marcos asked if they could go in, I said sure.

David and Milton swim like fish

They found an old deflated ball and played for a long time with it.

I was happy they were having fun.

My friend Layle came to do face painting, Ann was there with Abraham (a boy she sponsors at the Charmont Academy) and his sister Brishanne. My sweet young boyfriend from the Mother’s Day flower making at Cattleya was there also, Matthew, he is a doll. He has a smile that melts your heart and the sweetest demeanor. Paul went with me to help, Amy was there, Milesse, Judy and Toni came also to help. It’s usually feast or famine with the help, this day we had enough, sometimes we don’t. We were very grateful to those who came, it’s nice to have support from friends.

Layle was undoubtedly the hit of the party. She has never done face painting before but she came prepared with photos that she found online. She was excellent and the line for her skills never ended.

Milton, Marcos’s brother/step brother. David didn’t want his face painted.

To be honest, Brishanne is beautiful to begin with, as a butterfly, she was stunning.

Brishanne’s brother, Abraham as Batman.

Layle doing her magic.

Matthew was a cat.

The kids did egg races, balloon races, 3 legged races, sack races, they had a spaghetti eating contest, a roll eating contest and a coca cola guzzling contest. The spaghetti contest was better than two years ago when one of the kids threw up everything they had eaten.

Around 3:30 I packed the kids and Paul up and we headed home. The boys each left with ice cream cones and a bag of candy and toys. On the way out of Coxen Hole I stopped at Nidia’s store and picked up the TOM’s shoes that were for the Cattleya school.

When I got home Paul left and the boys ran to the swimming pool and jumped in. They swam for about 20 minutes, then headed down the valley to go home. On Saturday some friends arrived to the island for a week to stay with us. They own a home here and were filming for the TV show Caribbean Life. This is the second couple who stayed here that was filming for the same show.

We have seen a few more large iguanas here, seems like this is a safe place for them, despite the 5 dogs. As long as the iguanas stay outside of the fence they should be good to go. Currently I have a 4″ gecko living in my car. As I’ve said before, I do NOT like geckos. I honestly would prefer a 4′ iguana over this little gecko guy.

The night before last I was in bed reading and a bug flew in my ear. I totally freaked out, while Bill is sound asleep next to me. I finally got it out with a Q-tip. Now when I read I stuff my hair in my ears. Yes, we have screens but they need replaced and our window guy was stuck in Miami, hopefully he will be home soon and come take care of the screens.

As most of you know, I write for Women Who Live on Rocks and so many of the other writers have lost everything they own, their homes and businesses are destroyed, they have nothing to go back to. Their once lush tropical island is now reduced to rubble and trees with not a leaf or frond left on them. If any of you would like to contribute, here is a list of places to donate. (click on list) Remember, these people lost every single thing they own. If you are contributing to Harvey victims in TX or Irma victims in Florida or the Caribbean, please do NOT donate to the Red Cross. In Texas the Red Cross threw out 500#’s of dog food, saying they didn’t need it. Obviously they forgot about all the poor lost animals left in the aftermath who are now in crowded underfunded shelters all over the state of Texas and now in Florida and all of the islands ravaged by Irma. They threw out kennels, blankets, cat litter and food, they said “they will get more.” There are many other more worthwhile charities to donate to.

I really need to start/finish my packing, I still haven’t decided what I’m wearing to the reunion but I am really looking forward to seeing my classmates. Some of these people I haven’t seen since we graduated a few years ago. (Cathilee)

Here’s hoping we have no more hurricanes this season and that the unfortunate folks ravaged by them are able to have a semblance of normal life soon.

I’ll be blogging about my parents and my class reunion next time so check back to see what kind of trouble I got into in Williamsport. This should be an interesting visit.

One hundred years young

double vodka

10/18/2015 Many of you probably wonder what the hell I do all day? I mean, I can’t shop, I no longer have a scrapbook room or a garden, what do I do? Sometimes I asked my self the same damn question. Many days it will be 4 PM and I’m still in my nightgown. That’s not to say I’m in bed, I’m not. I’m just not dressed and especially DO NOT HAVE ON A BRA. YAY for any time with no bra.

Every morning the first thing I do is feed my cat her daily scoop of wet food. If I don’t feed her right away she attacks me if I walk by her.  Yes, attacks is the right word. She bolts out from under the bed and swats or bites my ankles. Depends how badly I’ve pissed her off. Once the demon is fed I go out on the porch to see the 5 dogs who are all waiting at the back door for me. This door is open all day long, we close it when we go to bed, there is a screen door, but due to the succession of 4 legged creatures in my house, it is a P.O.S. It does however keep the dogs out. Which lately, they are in WAAAY more than they are out. The pups idea, not mine. I am just putty in their hands paws. Speaking of which, yes Jeanie, I am your insane dog friend. My life now revolves around these 3 boys, I feel like I’ve given birth to triplets. To say I’m a “tad” attached would be a hugely gross mis-representation of facts. I ADORE these pups. Well, @ 40# each, they’re really not pups but 6 month old eating machines. They are eating 14 cups of dry food a day, along with yogurt at breakfast, 3 scrambled eggs at lunch and chicken rice and veggies at dinner. They get sweet potato slices, home made cookies and their frozen popsicles too. They eat better than Bill does, ask him, he will agree. He does make their chicken gruel, I just chop the veggies for it.

Once the pups are fed, I eat breakfast in front of the computer. I check a few sites daily, read what I want to read in the news, check face book and answer emails. Breakfast is the same thing every morning for 2 years now, scrambled eggs with red and green peppers and a jalapeno in them, with salsa and shredded cheese on a soft tortilla, maybe a cup of tea. Remember, I’m the weirdo that doesn’t drink coffee, ick.

Sometimes I peruse the internet sporadically during the day, other times I am gone or cleaning, baking (dog treats), cleaning up dog poop, walking dogs, watching the puppies don’t eat the couch, all of those fun things that I know make you really jealous you don’t live my life..

This past Friday I gave up my party afternoon with my tribal friends and went to a birthday party for a 100 years young woman that I met at the senior luncheon.  I went to meet my friend Nidia at her store in Coxen hole, we were joined by our friend Mac. He’s the guy who danced with Aunty Jane at the senior luncheon. He and Nidia and I were walking to the event, carrying ice cream and deviled eggs. We made a quick stop in a store so I could get Aunty Clara a gift. I had no idea what to get her but Nidia knew. I bought her a nice lightweight housedress. That is a word I have not heard or used since my grandma passed away in 1977. The lady at the “store” didn’t have any bags or wrapping paper so I bought a gift bag that said Baby on it. I mentioned that to Nidia and she reminded me that Aunty Clara is blind, she won’t know. We got to the party and before the rest of the people came we went up to see Aunty Clara. Mac had a very generous gift for her and I gave her the dress. I pulled it out of the bag and described it to her. I told her my grandma used to wear them all the time and this was just like hers with 2 pockets on it. She seemed very happy.


The pins for Aunty Clara’s party. 100 years young!!


Aunty Clara in the middle


My gorgeous friend Nidia. This beautiful woman has the biggest heart of anyone I know. I adore her!!

Mac and I hung out for awhile as Nidia got things organized. I asked Nidia where Aunt Jane was and she said home and we were going to get her. She, Mac and I walked to the corner of Coxen Hole’s main drag, went through a gate and up some steps to her apartment.


The wires outside of Aunt Jane’s home.


Her porch and stairs to outside and her all important gadget, a tortilla maker


The wall in her home. It was immaculate but very sparsely furnished, a bench and an old TV.


relatives, neighbor kids?? playing in the mango tree

Her hair was all dishelved and she was in her house clothes when we arrived. Mac and I waited while Nidia got her all spiffed up. She looked fabulous when she came out. She is 99 and a little spitfire with gorgeous blue eyes.


Look at this sweet face, 99 years old. This lady is a hoot!!


Nidia walking her to the corner to get a cab

We put her in a cab to go the few blocks to the party and we walked. Once we got back there, the place was filling up. Aunt Jane was sitting with Miss Catherine, 2 beautiful ladies!


Miss Catherine and Aunt Jane

They were passing out plates heaping full of food and cups of soda to everyone, there were people inside and out.


Nidia with Aunty Clara


Aunty Clara singing for us

We stayed for her to blow out the candles on her cake, then made our way back to Nidia’s store and our cars. Nidia had to go to Pandytown that evening for another concert to raise the rest of the money for treatment for Ursula


Nidia with Aunty Clara


Aunty Clara blowing out her candle. She told Nidia to save the rest of the candles for her cake next year!

Saturday found me back at the airport again. It was sheer insanity, all 3 flights landed within 15 minutes of each other. American was over an hour late, Delta and United beat them by 5 and 10 minutes. Imagine 400 people trying to fit in the tiny immigration building. It got chaotic but we handled it and people, for the most part were happy. Odd as it may seem that 3 airlines from 3 different departure cities would land in the same 15 minute time frame, there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. It is what it is. I just allow my Bank of America training to kick in and as my friend Nathan W says, “I’m leading from the lobby.”  Some of you will “get” this. Chaos or not, I LOVE being there.

On Wednesday, a day before his 6 month birthday Gringo lost his family jewels. He will be fathering no island babies. 1 pup down, 2 pups to go. We got to Dr Calderon’s at 7 and were out of there by 7:30.


My sweet boy Gringo getting neutered.

It took over an hour for Gringo to wake up and when he did, he peed all over. Another hour passed and I got him downstairs and out for a little fresh air and monitored movement. He was a peeing machine that day. Finally by dinner time he was getting back to normal but still had the “WTH did you do to me” look on his face! I felt guilty.

On Thursday Marilyn and Carmen came here and we all took off in my car to run errands, maybe do lunch and go to Cattleya to paint Christmas ornaments. We ended up going in Mega Paca (a big Value Village, Goodwill, second hand store). We were all in the skirt aisle and I saw a black tulle tutu looking skirt. When I pulled it out I noticed it was a BCBG Max Azria, then I saw the price tag was still on it. It was originally:


OMG! It’s a little big but it’s OK, it hides things. It will be great for Halloween, Pirate Party or NY Eve!!


Evocative of Betsy Johnson, Cyndi Lauper or Debbie Harry. I was so excited I tried it on under my skirt right in the aisle!


115L = a little over $5.00 but because of the color tag (blue) it was 50% off, I paid about $2.50 for it. SCORE!

We all made out really well there. I even bought some wine glasses for BJ’s. {They only have a few and I prefer my wine not to be in a juice glass}. After we left we were going to have lunch but only had 45 minutes until Cattleya so we went to the grocery store grabbed some stuff and ate in my car in the parking lot of the grocery store. Cattleya  is the school that a friend started years ago to help mentally and physically disabled kids of all ages. There are autistic children, Downs children, children with motor skill deficiencies, it’s a fabulous school because otherwise these students would get no specialized help. The students made and colored lots of Christmas ornaments and the majority of them were decorated but we helped get the rest of them finished and another lady was there adding the strings. They sell the ornaments to raise money for the school.


Marilyn, Carmen and I. Photo courtesy of Connie Silvestri


Marilyn on the right, Carmen and I. Photo courtesy of Connie Silvestri


Some of the finished ornaments


Ornaments, paint and glitter..


Carmen painted a reindeer to match her headband. If you like her headband (she’s bringing me a few when she comes back to the island) check out:

Friday we went to BJ’s again. It is always fun to have some wine and visit with friends. It is the hang out for the east enders and every now and then people from West End make it down too. We didn’t used to go but have been in attendance much more lately. It’s a good group of people and there is always someone new to meet.

I worked at the airport again, 4 Saturdays in a row, I’m on a roll. I met a cool couple from Maine, they just moved here. Their home that they built was finished and the snow was going to start back home, so Roatan, here they come. I hope we get the opportunity to meet up with them again. Two other friends from Snohomish, WA., near where we used to live moved down today too. They have owned a house for a year or so, had to sell their business, cars and house in the states and, they’re here! We met them here, never knew them in the states. Weird how that happens. I was elated that I got to say Welcome Home to them as they walked in the building.


Such a stunning view from our roof


My friend Cheryl named this cloud Puff, the Magic Dragon. After all, he did frolic by the sea…


Handsome Highway, the nut case..




Lola and Max


I love our roof top deck

Well, it’s late, I’m trying to get this done so I can edit and post tomorrow. I’ll leave you with this little tidbit. Don’t pass this up, it’s too unbelievable, click on tidbit and be amazed. Then try to answer one question. WHY?


All about the dogs


10/08/2015  I’m on a roll today. Blog # 2, with # 3 to follow tomorrow.

The morning after the Rehab concert we delivered my beloved Pilates Allegro Reformer to my friend Jill’s Pilates Studio, Core Pilates. It has been sitting in the downstairs unused by me and I felt guilty as hell about it. If I haven’t used it in 2 years, I’m not going to, I’m getting older, not younger. When I messaged Jill to see if she was interested in buying it she was amazed because, like she says, “who owns a reformer?” Well, I do and back in Washington I used it almost nightly. It was also a fabulous prop for my crazy friend Kevin to perform on during our parties.


Most people don’t see a Pilates machine and have hysterical fits of laughter from memories about a friend using the machine. I feel sorry for them and grateful for all of our gang in WA who were able to experience the hilarity of Kevin performing feats that we never thought were humanly possible on a Pilates machine.

When we got home we piled the Beach Boys in the car and headed for Big Bight for them to go swimming. They knew where we were and literally FLEW out of the car and ran to the beach. Excitement was coursing through their veins. So was the testosterone, but that was in their brains. They were scrappy.


Handsome Barrio


We love our Beach Boys. These guys are getting huge, Gringo, on the right weighs 40#, more than his Momma and he’s only 6 months old!


They chased each other around this small key most of the time we were there, under the logs, over the logs, around the edge, run in the water, back out, jump and snarl, run some more. I just stayed out of their way.


They sure love to swim!


And roll in the sand


Love the unusual palapa roof on the dock next door


Barrio being weird


Ilias from Pineapple was there with a drone.

When the pups were tired and laying around, too pooped to play any longer, we brought them home and I had the fun job of bathing all 3 of them and then I bathed Frito too because she stunk.

We have been spending many evenings on the roof, watching the sun go down. The dogs love it up there, they “guard” the property quite well. It also gives them a large unobstructed battlefield. OMG. It gets crazy up there with 5 dogs running laps.


Lola climbs on Highways back all the time, I believe it is her showing her supposed dominance.


It is non-stop


Testosterone running extremely high. The rule around this house is “You don’t hump family.” Max didn’t get the memo.


The most loving dog in the family, Highway.


I know this is way out of focus but I love all the teeth


He scares no-one. They lick his gums.


It almost looks like they are singing..


Handsome Highway




She is a gorgeous dog but “the lights are on and no-one’s home” This girl is totally lost in space..


My buddy Highway.

They love to stick their heads through the rails. Before the rails, they leaned over the edge and we were always afraid they would get rough housing and someone would fall off, one of the main reasons for the rails. Well, the dogs and people.

Bill bought a whole chicken for the dog food and threw it in the crock pot for 5 hours, then we added veggies and cooked rice. It makes enough food to add to their dried food for about 8 days. The chicken turned out really good.


Dog food


They love raw zucchini and carrots

In fact the chicken was so good, we made one for ourselves the other evening and invited Mr. John, our neighbor up for dinner. I made mashed potatoes, stuffing, the whole works. Biggest meal we have had for a long time. I also made my all time favorite peanut butter pie. I could eat a whole one alone, and then puke for 2 days.

After dinner we were cleaning up and Bill was feeding the pups some scraps. They were salivating all over.


I LOVE Max’s eyes in this pic.


Patiently waiting


This is raw sweet potatoes, they LOVE them. I also dehydrate them and freeze slices, they will eat them all 3 ways.


I’m fortunate my dogs match my floors, that way I can trip over them several times a day.

The other day I got the brainy OCD desire to organize ALL OF THE DOG COLLARS (from Helping Paws Across Borders vet team) that were in 2 huge bags in my spare bedroom. Frito bean decided to help me.


There are so many collars and after being used for 2 weeks, they were all mixed up. I LOVE to organize.


I did not do them by color, only by width and size and style.


All buckled ones together, all leather together, all harnesses and snap (cloth choke) collars separated.


It was fun but when I was done I couldn’t stand up straight because I had been leaning over for an hour+.


All in one bag now. Only 10 more suitcases of supplies to organize but I think Kathy and I will do that with a bottle of wine.

Today is Thursday, tomorrow is the 100th birthday party for Aunty Clara in Coxen Hole and Saturday finds me back at the airport again. I still have one more blog to get out today about our day in the jungle with Doña Maria, it was so amazing. If the dogs keep on sleeping and I can keep on concentrating, it will be published later today.

Maxillicious takes West Bay



09/08/2015 It seems like it’s still August with the weather as hot as it is and not a freaking drop of rain. The lack of any measurable precipitation makes me very thankful for the well we share. We don’t get well water very often but when it’s this dry for a long period, we appreciate the fact that it is available as needed.

Sunday the pups had another beach day. We took them to Paya Bay beach (don’t hate on me Jeanie, I gave them the finger). I’ve been there before and seen the beach but never swam there. We met our friends (and Tank’s parents) around 11. Tank is my boys brother, he is such a love. Paya Bay is a good 25 minutes from home down a hellishly bad dirt and dust laden road. Gringo had crawled up on my lap and fallen asleep. We were almost there when I once again felt a warm trickle down the inside of my thigh. Yep. Gringo peed on my lap for the 3rd time. I think he has a fetish.

Claire and I took the boys in right away. It was a first for mine to swim in waves and initially they ran from them. Once they realized the waves were’t going to swallow them up they put their adventurous faces on and swam into them. Remember, they are at face level with the pups, calf level for me. Much more traumatizing for them.

Gringo attacks the waves


Bill & Kevin, solving all the world’s problems in one short afternoon. Pups left to right, back row, Tank and Barrio, front row, Gringo and Max. I know my Beach Boys.


Tank, Max and Gringo. Not sure why the water isn’t clear along the shore. It must have something to do with the sand on the bottom or the waves. It was clear a little further out.

Paya Bay Beach Resort. You can see the water clears up just off shore.


Deserted beach


My friend’s place on the left (you can barely see it)


Look how handsome Tank is..followed by Max and Gringo


Even these boys


6 boys on a beach, only 4 of them listen.


My Maxillicious


L to R: Barrio, Tank, Max and Gringo


And he says he doesn’t like the dog..sharing a kiss (French nonetheless) with Tank..

The pups had a blast until some locals came with small kids. Bill and Kevin put them on leashes. Soon after that Claire and I decided to exit our warm bath in the ocean, got our stuff together and headed for home. The boys were passed out soon afterwards.


3 on the floor


Max is awake. You can still see the scar under his left eye from the fight he and Barrio had.


Barrio fighting sleep. Notice the claw mark on my arm?


He gave in

We came home, they all got baths, I fed them, showered and we all slept…

Monday morning Maxillicious and I picked Brenda and Toni up in Oak Ridge at BJ’s. We were headed for a day of R&R at West Bay Beach, it was Max’s first time at a civilized beach. We once again chose Bananarama because, well, it’s my spot. After 8 years I just don’t go elsewhere.

Brenda and Toni are moving back to Germany in less than 2 weeks. I’m sad but happy for them. Brenda and I met at the first vet clinic I worked at for Helping Paws Across Borders and we really got along well. We also worked together at the last one and have been doing some dog stuff together too. We plan to do one last clinic before she leaves. Insert super sad face. Toni is her German boyfriend and he is an uber sweetheart, instant love. It was great to spend a day with them and Max at the beach.  It was very empty, just a light sprinkling of people minus the annoying, “Wanna massage ladeeee?” NO. I ACTUALLY DON’T. We floated and ate and had a few drinks and floated some more. After 4 hours we decided it was time to make the trek back to the other end of the island. I have to brag. Max was a perfect angel. While he and I were floating, (well, he was on the raft) a lady and man were nearby. They asked me if he liked to swim.


Can this get any cuter??

I said, “he loves it.” They then said, “You’re the lady from the airport.” Yep…that is me. Small island. Small world.


Yes, I know my life sucks.


My spot, Bananarama


Crystal clear water


The guy and his ultra cool drone




Mr. Sandman


My fav spot


Brenda and her new man, Max. I had him wear a harness instead of a collar in case I needed to grab him, the harness is much more grab friendly. Plus it matches the water..


Brenda w/ Max and Toni is floating in the background.

While we were eating Max started digging in the sand, which was fine, he likes to dig. However, he was digging with his nose. Check out the video HERE.  He was really “digging it”.

He fell asleep on the ride home. Once I dropped those 2 off at BJ’s he got whiney and cried the whole way home. I fed him because he wouldn’t eat at the beach and afterwards he just chilled out. Max was the only dog still inside at bedtime, he didn’t want to go out with the other ones. Later that evening I went to lay down on the bed and I carried him in and flopped him down with me. He jumped down a few times and wandered around, terrorizing the cat and finally jumped back up and laid down. And that is where he slept until 6 AM. He didn’t move except when I moved him because he was hogging half the bed. Bill had his feet hanging off the side because Max was in his foot spot. He didn’t pee, thankfully..and he didn’t eat all the cat litter. However, Emmy hates me and has done nothing besides lunge out after my bare ankles as I walk by the bed and bitten me. Several times. She rules the roost, or at least she thinks she does.

I recently wrote a little piece for a fellow blogger about living in a small place. You can read it hereThanks Clara for having me, check out her blog at

Facebook has several local Roatan pages, things for sale, cars, looking for advice, etc. I peruse them once in awhile, mostly for the entertainment value. Take this one (copied verbatim) for instance:

I am selling. A Nissan. Altima rims 2001. Tourism Air Conditioning. With papers. In rule. Interested. Can talk to the 9770-xxxx. With XXXXXX (don’t want to use their name or number). The car. He is. On Gipson quite west end Roatan.

No price, no condition, no mileage..that’s how we do it here on Roatan.

I worked at theairport again this past Saturday and had a woman approach me as I wove me way through the immigration lines chatting to people. She said, “You’re the blogger aren’t you”? So much fun meeting people who are following my blog. Check out Angie’s blog here.

Find the frog..2 days in a row




HMM, counter height now.


Yes, this is a Kangaroo scrotum bottle opener. Thank you KP, it is well used..


Sharing a supposedly indestructible Nylabone tree trunk. They will destroy it.


BANANAS, home grown from a tree we planted 2 years ago. We have several trees but what happens when you grow BANANAS is, the whole stalk ripens at the same time so you have a shitload of BANANAS. Too bad I don’t live closer to the BANANA DONUT man.


A big bowl of apple BANANAS, I froze enough to make many loaves of bread and to make treats for the dogs.


This is only part of the bunch that we left on the counter to eat. The dogs love them frozen. These are smaller than regular BANANAS and some people say they taste like apples, we think they taste like strawberries.


After dinner wrestling, 5 tails, 5 butts and 20 legs

I have mentioned my friend Sam Arch and his Dad before. They run Arch’s Iguana farm and Sam is the one who takes me snorkeling with Frank the Barracuda and, he took my friends and I to Pigeon Key. Anyhow, this is a great write up about the Arch family. I’m proud to call them friends. You can read the article by clicking here.

It’s bedtime again and Max is curled up on our bed. I don’t know if this will cause an issue with him and the other dogs or not. Do dogs get pissed off about that stuff? Preferential treatment and all?

I’m off to snuggle with my furry little boy.. (Not Bill)


The Roatan East End Senior’s Luncheon


07/30/2015 Sorry I didn’t post this last week, I’ve been super busy with the vet clinic that is in town and trying to get ready for a visit from our son and well, you know, 7 dogs and a cat take up some time too.

Last Wednesday was the big day for our Senior’s luncheon (7/22/2015). It’s the first time it has EVER been held on the East end of the island so it was extra meaningful for these fabulous people. On the eastern end of the island people live much more remotely than on the west end. Communities are located further apart, so seeing their friends or relatives doesn’t happen very often.

I would like to say I played a huge part in the event but I really didn’t. It was Nidia, she is pretty amazing. This event took 6 months to organize, and remember, everything done here is done on island time. Many meetings and many many many hundreds of phone calls went into this event. She organized the patronado’s from each community to research and make lists of the oldest people in their area and called them constantly to make sure they were following through and that all the respective people were notified. There were chairs, tables, tablecloths, silverware, pots, pans, stoves, coolers, all this had to be brought in. They had to figure out how much they needed of everything to serve everyone. There was a gas stove that didn’t work that had to be fixed, and ice and water to be gotten. This is Roatan, there aren’t lots of catering companies.. Nidia did it all. I’ve never met anyone with the ambition and fortitude and determination that this woman has, she is a power house; she gets things done. Funny thing is, everyone who crosses her path knows she means business, yet they adore her. She honestly is one of a kind and I’m so blessed to say she is my friend.

The luncheon was PDS, Pretty Darn Spectacular. Instead of words, enjoy the photos and a few videos. Please watch the videos, they too, are PDS. {click on the italicized words}


The cooks are cleaning chicken, lots of freaking chicken. I rarely touch it.


Jimmy and Mac unloading chairs. Mac is a recent volunteer with BWC and an all around great guy!


Tables and more chairs


The Live Again Ministry realizing they have to bag all that candy into 450 individual bags.


450 done


wrapping the utensils


Our master chefs






B E A N S She was really cute, before I took the photo she had to adjust her skirt..


Sugar high


The other dynamo on this island, Miss Daine Wood Etches, an amazing and knowledgeable lady. She was born into one of the oldest families on the island.


Separating the food items for the baskets


Downstairs hallway. Must have been a grand place, reminds me of Kellerman’s in Dirty Dancing.

This resort was previously called Spy Glass Hill and it sits on some amazing land. The new owner of the resort, now called Henry’s Cove, graciously allowed us to use this place. Another Nidia accomplishment.


Wonder woman Nidia and Pastor Ronny from Live Again Ministries. Everyone kept going in to the kitchen because it smelled SO good!


Food for baskets


Sun Water donated bottled water


Counting chairs


Here she is, Miss Amazing…


A filled basket


These ladies can cook. There were no laptops opened to Pinterest and no cookbooks in sight.


Enough food for 450 people


The front porch before tablecloths


Cleaning carrots. There was music playing in the background, these ladies were having fun!


My friend Lisa, one of the cooks. This woman gets it done.

I caught the cooks mid song (video) the morning of the event.


baskets filled pre-cellophane wrap


Some of the ladies, all dressed up. In case you are wondering why she has a wash cloth on her shoulder: it is a common sight to see people with a cloth on their shoulder or in their back pocket or purse. IT’S HOT HERE!! And if I smartened up, I would be carrying one too, preferable frozen.


The wonderful Mayor of Santos Guardiola (east end of the island), Carson Dilbert. He is such a great man, we are lucky to have him.


This lady was gorgeous..She is Garifuna from Punta Gorda


Nidia making name tags


The lady in the wheelchair on the left is Miss Daine’s mother, Mrs Catherine Wood. She is a gorgeous woman and she grows great veggies, whenever I’m in town I check to see what she has for sale.


How could I not capture this face? I had just taken the balloons off the wall and handed them to him.


Getting the dining room ready


Some of the early arrivals. Many of them were unsure of me taking pictures so I always offered to show them their photos.


The guests waiting to eat while visiting with friends


Plates of food being served, traditional island food


Mac with some of the Live Again Ministry in blue shirts. Live Again Minsitry brought boxes full of donated sandals, bibles, beads and fans, these guests got the royal treatment. The Ministry Group was a great help in making this happen. Thank You!!


Miss Catherine on the left with a friend.


The oldest person in Politilly Bight, Ms Carolina Pinnace, age 90


This is Mr. Bodden @ 92, the oldest person on the remote island of Saint Helena, or St. Helene. He is the father of my friend Woudsin. His grandson Jordan, in the striped shirt, brought him to the event. It was nice to catch up with Jordan!


Ms Juliana Ruiz at the age of 92, oldest and sweetest lady from Milton Bight..


Ms Etty McLaughlin, eldest member in the Diamond Rock community…


The oldest resident of Juticalpa, Doña Elisa Matute age 88. She was a little taken back by the cameras and all the people. Most of these people live a semi solitary life, except for family.


Ms Ermones Calderon, 89 years old, eldest member from the community of Punta Gorda…


The eldest from Lucy Point.


And from my favorite spot, Camp Bay, Ms Jane Pandy, second eldest in the community of Camp Bay. (the eldest did not come)


Daine, Mac and Nidia, getting ready to present Auntie Jane with her basket.


Mac, Auntie Jane and Nidia

Auntie Jane, (video) almost 99, rocking out with Mac. What a riot she is, so full of life, she gets around fine and is pretty hilarious and witty.

This amazing lady is the oldest (that we know of) resident of Roatan. She is Auntie Clara and she is 99 years old. She is blind and can not walk but that doesn’t stop this lady from living her life.


Auntie Clara, 99 years old, she turns 100 in October.


This little doll was actually trying to eat the watermelon, without using her hands, while it sat on her grandma’s lap.


THIS is what it’s all about.

After dessert was served, they did a Plat Pole up by the pool. I know this as a Maypole that we did in school on May 1st. BUT IT WAS NEVER THIS MUCH FUN!! They were rocking out to music (video) and dancing and weaving in between each other, it was so much entertainment. I loved it when Miss Linda, who had a pitcher in one hand, pulled me out to dance with her..


Ms Linda is from Camp Bay, I met her when we worked on the school up there. She is the lady dressed in all blue and she has a plastic pitcher in her left hand!


My friend Darla. She is a teacher at the school on St. Helene.


The plat pole begins


Starting to plat


My friend Darla and her daughter in matching dresses


Adorable, just waiting until they are old enough


Plating or braiding the ribbon


Original position


Wrap and unwrap


Intertwining makes for fun dancing


So awesome!


This is my friend Darla’s daughter. She was also in some of the Helene photos when we delivered desks. She is the cutest, silliest most well behaved little doll, I could kiss her all day. And sometimes I do..She had my name tag on..


The clean up/break down and sort

You know how when you are looking forward to doing something for someone because it will make them so happy?? That’s how we all felt about the senior luncheon; and yes, it did make many people happy. However, what it did for me is so much more than that. I cried many times, moved by the people I found myself surrounded by. Profoundly touched by the moment when 99 year old Auntie Clara sang What would I do without Jesus  (video) I stood there with tears running down my cheeks as this woman, whom I’ve never before seen, sang to us. (I’ve been invited to her 100th birthday party in October and oh heck yes, I’m going!!)

I feel like I left the event a better person, it awakened something in me, it stirred my soul.

Thank you Nidia Webster, for allowing me to become part of Because We Care. You, my friend, are an inspiration to many.

There will be another Roatan East End seniors luncheon next year!